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Oct 01
Reasons to turn down free money

The government introduced automatic enrolment in workplace pensions to ensure that everyone in employment gets a chance to save for retirement. But here are some of the reasons why you might still say no to a workplace pension. You misheard the question No, the boss wasn’t asking if you wanted tomato in your roll. She was

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Nov 03
Why auto enrolment is so important

Currently, in the UK, we’re in the middle of the biggest change in retirement saving rules for many many years. A change which will impact every employer and every employee across the country. A change which is already impacting millions of employees and thousands of employers. Although you might be fully up to date with

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Sep 05
Auto enrolment – why you should seek advice

The Auto Enrolment rules mean that eligible employees should be automatically enrolled into your pension scheme without any barriers to entry AND without having to make any decision whatsoever!  The employee’s only decision is whether to opt-out or continue with pension membership.  This places the responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the employers on many

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Jul 15
Auto-enrolment and what it means to us

Our very own Clare Kissane gives us an update on what auto-enrolment means to us and how she has been navigating her way through the changes. My original plan was to talk to other small businesses that we know well to find out how they are approaching auto enrolment, to see if I could learn

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Feb 21
Biggest SME auto-enrolment mistakes

Big business has already faced auto-enrolment, now it’s the turn of the smaller firm. Petra Griffiths shares the problems she’s come across and explains how to prevent SMEs making the same mistakes.

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Jan 30
It’s not automatic for businesses

SMEs need to get their skates on to tackle auto-enrolment, warns Simon Linstead. Small businesses need to secure a qualified adviser now, or they could get caught in a advice ‘bottle neck’.

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Jan 24
Auto-enrolment and THIS small business

There are 4.9 million businesses in the UK, 99.9 per cent of which are small businesses.’s Clare Kissane gives her viewpoint.

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Dec 16
5 dos and don’ts for auto-enrolment

Auto enrolment is going to mean wholesale changes to the way employers have to deal with workplace pensions. Here’s a quick guide to five dos and 5 don’ts that might help.

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Nov 06
Auto enrolment idea for SMEs

Many SMEs are facing bumps along the route to auto enrolment. In his latest blog, Chris Howell suggests a way to smooth the ride.

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Sep 23
Please, don’t ignore it!

For smaller firms, auto-enrolment is coming round the mountain. Chris Howell explains what you and your business should be aware of, before it’s too late.