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Nov 22
Hammond stamps out stamp duty for most first-time buyers

Philip Hammond’s first Autumn Budget brought a windfall for first-time buyers, with a spectacular slashing of stamp duty. Will it finally unclog the UK’s housing market? We look at this and other key announcements from a Budget that focused largely on the young.

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Nov 25
The hidden message in the Autumn Statement

The Autumn Statement from Philip Hammond set out the Treasury’s plans to prepare the UK economy for the challenges of Brexit. We go through the Chancellor’s key announcements to tease out the underlying message he sent to workers, savers and pensioners. It seems like autumn is the time for JAM. That’s JAM as in ‘just

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Mar 16
Budget 2016: A savings surprise

The Chancellor has spoken – but what did it all mean for the UK’s personal finances and small businesses? We sum up the key points. Say what you like about Chancellor George Osborne – he is very good at springing surprises. We were all ready for a big overhaul of pension tax relief, and possibly

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Mar 16
Budget 2016: Why pension tax relief won’t be changing

How many Chancellors does it take to change a light bulb? None, if the bulb doesn’t need changing. We expected today’s Budget to radically overhaul pension tax relief – but now this change isn’t going to happen after all. So here’s a reminder of why our current system is such a bright idea. If it ain’t broke,

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Mar 15
Budget 2016: What can we expect?

Tomorrow at lunchtime George Osborne will address the house with his Budget for the year ahead. The Chancellor is notorious for his surprises – and we’ve had precious few clues to work on. But here are the best theories so far. When it comes to tomorrow’s Budget, we only know one thing with cast-iron certainty: we will

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Mar 14
Budget 2016: Time to harvest the FAMR

In the run-up to the Budget, findings from the Financial Advice Market Review (FAMR) are also being released. This has been looking into key issues surrounding financial advice, including whether the UK public can access the advice they need and can afford. Will it sow the seeds of a new kind of advice? Once upon a

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Jul 09
Our Budget buffet

We pick out the most interesting morsels from the Chancellor’s summer Budget and serve them up in easily digestible portions. Bye-bye inheritance tax (well, sort of) Most married couples and civil partners will no longer have to worry about paying inheritance tax (IHT) on their family home, as of 2017. An additional £175,000 threshold per

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Mar 19
The Budget 2015 – four reactions

What does George Osborne’s latest Budget mean for the type of people who seek financial advice on We consider consumer reactions from four points of view. Esme Esme is 28 years old and five years into her career in recruitment in London. She is fast climbing the career and salary ladder, single and thinking

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Dec 03
Autumn Statement 2014: What you need to know

George Osborne’s Autumn Statement offered much that was expected, but a few surprises too. In addition to confirming major pension reforms, he also announced an equally big revolution in stamp duty – alongside a raft of plans for areas ranging from small businesses to the NHS. We’ve broken down his lengthy announcement into bite-size chunks:

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Mar 27
Weekly Update: Budget gets a thumbs up, and Britain isn’t the next Cyprus – phew!

Last week was an important one for the financial world.  George Osborne’s budget announcement received a generally positive reception from the press, but we wanted to know what you thought of it.  In the online poll, our results found the tax allowance increase to £10,000 in 2014, a scrapping of the proposed 3p fuel duty