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Jun 06
Could you be a landlord in retirement?

Buy-to-let has been widely touted as a way for new retirees to make their income. Having full access to your pension make the prospect more realistic – on paper, anyway. But there are numerous factors you should consider first before entering the rental market. We in the UK seem to have an undying faith in the

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Apr 13
Should you cash in your pension to buy-to-let? – Part 2

In part 1, Steve Carlson of Carlson Wealth Management compared the returns of drawing from pension with that of buying a rental property. In this second part, he looks at the possible returns of doing both at the same time. When we last saw Mr Jones, he was horrified at the thought of paying £75,175

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Sep 16
Buying to let – better by degrees

Where are the best returns on student rental property? Which universities give the biggest boost to rent levels? New research has identified the sweet spots for student landlords. When you buy to let – as in any kind of business – you look for margins. You need to pay off a mortgage and maintain a property, yet still