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Sep 01
When a long marriage breaks up

Divorce at any age is a traumatic event – but one that happens in later life may be even more so. Untangling the finances of a long-married couple can be a highly delicate process requiring expert advice – as Morven Millar of Gresham Wealth Management explains.

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Jan 06
Be a woman with a financial plan

We like to think we are becoming a more equal society, but women continue to face a particular set of challenges when it comes to managing their income and planning for the future. Jo Noon, head of Cockburn Lucas for Women, explains why women need to take a different approach when arranging their finances. A

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Jan 04
Try this New Year financial detox

Holidays are over and the party season’s spent – in more ways than one. If you’re trying to get over a financial hangover, try these tips for rehydrating your bank balance.   If Christmas and New Year have left you with a financial headache, now is the time to shake it off. Monday 11 January

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Dec 16
’Tis the season? 10 Xmas tips for starting a family at any age

Christmas is a time for children – but when is the best time of life to start having them? Raising a family in your twenties may seem financially impossible – but doing so later on can bring financial pressures of its own. Should you seize the present, or wait for the future? Having a child

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Sep 23
Give them an A* in money

Should you give children incentives to do well at school? Or do you think bribery sends out the wrong message? Luckily there’s a third option – which teaches valuable lessons of its own. Unless you’re a very lucky parent, there will come a point at which you have to chivvy your children along to do

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Sep 09
Why advice cuts the cost for families

Families with children are citing money worries as the biggest strain on their relationships, according to a survey by Relate. So could a financial adviser play a role in marriage counselling?   We know that money can’t necessarily buy you happiness – but a shortage of it can be a short cut to unhappiness. A

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Jan 21
Sitting pretty in my pension pram

Welcome to the world of Extreme Financial Planning. If you can’t imagine starting a pension pot for a baby, you’re not alone. But thanks to their ultra-forward thinking parents, some toddlers might be growing up on a gold mine. Picture the scene at playgroup. Mum 1 says, ‘Of course, we’ve reserved a school place for

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Jul 23
What do you buy the baby who has everything?

It’s a boy! The new royal baby was welcomed into the world yesterday to much excitement, but what do you buy a baby who has everything?