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Feb 28
Put your money to the marshmallow test

Are you better at living for today than planning for tomorrow? A long-running experiment has shown how being unable to hold back can hold you back in the long term. Adrian Kidd, lifestyle financial planner at Radcliffe & Newlands, would like to offer you a marshmallow.

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Feb 22
Managing your money through Brexit

If the UK is leaving the European Union, what – if anything – might be the knock-on effect on the money in your pocket, and on your long-term financial plans? Adrian Kidd, lifestyle financial planner at Radcliffe & Newlands, makes some predictions and offers some expert tips.

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Jan 10
Your New Year money hacks

‘Resolution’ is such a heart-sink word – they usually last about as long as it takes to say it. So we’ve come up with some hacks instead, from the casebook of Becky Sugden, Chartered IFA at Gresham Wealth Management Ltd. Time to start a fresh page. We all know New Year is a time for

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Nov 08
Rising inflation – what does it mean for your money?

Why could our grandparents buy sweets for a ha’penny, but children’s pocket-money is now measured in pounds? It’s all to do with inflation – and your savings, investments and pensions may soon begin to feel the pinch. Article by Armstrong Watson. It’s often said that inflation is the enemy of the investor – and they

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Aug 13
A watertight financial plan

As you try to save more for retirement, your liquid assets may start to run dry. Make sure you have money on tap as well as plenty in the tank. Craig, who plans to downsize when he retires, has been doing up an old house. He’s pretty confident at DIY, but one thing he did

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Jul 31
Your financial life in a day

You’ve heard of the biological clock – but did you know about your financial clock? Raising the money for life’s milestones takes time, and that time is more limited than you think. See what your life might look like if you lived it in just one day. The clock is ticking… Want to know something

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Jul 27
Six ways that sex shapes your attitude to money

Is there a gulf between men and women in how they manage their finances? Our research suggests there might be. See if you can escape your gender stereotype. Is a pound in a purse the same as one in a wallet? As part of our Value of Advice research we’ve been looking at the attitudes of men and women

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Jun 10
Searching for The One

Do you always go for the first one you see? Or are you more the shop-around type? Taking time to explore doesn’t just make it more likely that you’ll find what you’re looking for. It means you could also discover so much more. Here’s how to celebrate being a ‘searcher’. Whether you’re in the market

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Jun 05
Money behaving badly

You might think your finances are all about the numbers, but it’s easy to forget one of the biggest factors: people. Money is spent by people, and human beings behave far less predictably than numbers. Graham Clark of NW Brown introduces the mysterious world of behavioural finance. When you’re putting together any sort of investment

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May 12
Election aftermath: we do the maths!

To general amazement, the UK elected a Conservative majority to form a new government. What could this mean for your money? Here’s a run-down of what’s happening now, what’s likely to happen, and what might. A pensioner in Glasgow staked £30,000 on the Conservatives winning a majority in the General Election, and duly raked in