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Jul 07
Home-owning dreams can come true

For years the property ladder has been rising further out of ordinary peoples’ reach. But the latest figures are a ray of light, showing first home purchases at their highest for 10 years. Martin Stewart of London Money hails the comeback of first time buyers – and throws in a free buyer’s guide too.

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Sep 06
‘It’s complicated!’ – Buying a home together

Few can climb the property ladder alone, and it’s not only couples who are making the ascent. But whether you’re buying as lovebirds or just housemates, it’s vital to understand how joint ownership works – or you could find that your dream home isn’t really yours after all. Most people who buy a home will

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Jul 19
Why you need a mortgage buffer zone

Mortgage rates are hitting historic lows, and for homebuyers it looks like the perfect opportunity. But in your eagerness to secure your dream home, you should be wary of ‘mortgage shock’ – the danger of over-stretching yourself in the longer term. The solution? A borrowing buffer zone. The question everyone’s asking is: how low can

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May 17
Are you a mortgage prisoner?

The government has pledged to tackle the issue of ‘mortgage prisoners’ – people who are trapped in an expensive mortgage because of regulations that stop them getting a cheaper one. If you’re in this ridiculous position, help may be on the way. Imagine asking to buy a meal costing £6, and being told you couldn’t afford

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May 16
It’s back! The return of the 100% mortgage

The prospect of obtaining a deposit-free mortgage has got prospective home-buyers very excited. But what do you need in order to take advantage of this springboard onto the property ladder?   If you’re struggling to get on the property ladder, you’ll know all about this infuriating catch-22. Which is: it’s usually more expensive to rent

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May 11
Could your mortgage last longer than you do?

The age limit for paying off some mortgages has risen to 85 – three years beyond current UK life expectancy. It’s good news for older people who may have feared lenders wouldn’t touch them, but what are the implications of your mortgage outliving not just your job, but you too?   Owning your own home

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Apr 20
How an offset mortgage can set off your savings

Is your income as unpredictable as the British weather? Savings interest rates getting you down? Are you wary of locking up your liquid assets in your home? Then you may be interested in a flexible way to borrow and save at the same time. Is it a bird? Is it a savings account? Is it a

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Feb 01
You Won’t Believe What Can Harm Your Credit Score

When it comes to one of life’s biggest challenges – buying a home – your credit file can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. But maintaining a good credit history can be a tricky balancing act, and you may not realise how easy it is to make yours wobble by accident. There are many advantages to having

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Dec 08
Self-employed? Get yourself these 7 mortgage tips

Being your own boss has many perks, but a smooth mortgage process isn’t usually one of them. So we’ve thrown down a few tips here to ensure that your application doesn’t have feet of clay. Back in the bad old days, the self-cert mortgage seemed like a magic wand for all who wanted to own

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Dec 01
Three kinds of help-to-buy

First-time buyers have had it tough – but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Help-to-buy ISAs are here, along with a new London-based scheme… and there’s yet another source of help for those who search for it. Ever feel like the property ladder has risen so far out of reach that you’d