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Mar 14
Could you let-to-buy?

Sometimes you can solve a tricky problem by turning it the other way round. If you have your eye on a new home but are struggling to sell your old one, let-to-buy can offer a potential lifeline. Find out how it works and whether it might suit you.

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Sep 21
The Brexit effect: will first-time buyers benefit?

Before the EU referendum, many predicted that a vote to leave would depress house price growth and benefit first-time buyers. Now a report by Unbiased reveals the immediate impact of the Brexit vote on mood of the housing market – and the likely winners and losers. What effect has Brexit had on the housing market?

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Dec 09
‘Landlord Ltd’ – is this how to beat the buy-to-let squeeze?

Those who buy to let are facing a double whammy of additional financial pressures. We take a look at one of the possible solutions: incorporating your business. However, such a step isn’t without its drawbacks – so is it for you? The 3 per cent hike in stamp duty for additional properties (including buy-to-let) in the

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Aug 28
Home-buying cheat sheet – pt. 1

You may be more-or-less familiar with the home-buying process, and you might be confident of getting a mortgage. But this uber-stressful experience can still trip you up many times before you get those keys (and afterwards, too). Be ready for anything with these lateral-thinking tips. Some house-buying advice might seem obvious, like making sure you