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Feb 16
Mapping your retirement journey

Retirement isn’t the end – it’s just another beginning. Join us as we explore the highways and byways of retirement income planning with our trusty guide Billy Burrows.

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Feb 08
Pension planning in an uncertain world

How can you plan your income for the next twenty-five years or more when you don’t know what next week will bring? What price security in such a fast-changing world? Pensions expert Billy Burrows returns with insights to help you take back control.

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Sep 26
Care now – and get better care later

If you end up needing long-term care, the chances are you will have to fund most or even all of it yourself. When the costs can potentially spiral and eat into any inheritance you plan to leave behind, planning in advance is essential. What are your options? Article by Armstrong Watson Financial Planning. According to

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Sep 19
The power of a savings MOT (that’s ‘Moment of Truth’)

A report by Royal London has revealed the battle faced by over a third of UK consumers. Day-to-day spending needs mean that many are finding it impossible to save for retirement. But there may be a solution in the form of one-off opportunities, if these can be identified in time: the savings ‘Moments of Truth’.

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Sep 05
How much income will you need in retirement?

Numerous survey findings have revealed a gap between what people expect to spend in retirement and the actual income they are likely to receive. In particular, many are overestimating the state pension they’ll be entitled to. Armstrong Watson Financial Planning offers guidance on making a more realistic retirement plan. There probably isn’t a week that

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Aug 30
Pack your retirement parachute

What is it about pensioners and parachutes? We turn 55 and feel suddenly compelled to fling ourselves from high places strapped to an outsized duvet cover. But by a neat coincidence, skydiving can teach us a crucial lesson about retirement. Picture the scene. You’re hurtling down at 120mph towards terra firma (and it does look

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Jul 25
Can you downsize to fund your retirement?

For most people lucky enough to own one, their biggest financial asset is their house. And it may have been your long-term plan to sell up in retirement and live off the proceeds. But when it comes to the crunch, could you do it? Our ‘Look before you leap’ checklist will help you get to

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Jun 07
Grow old gracefully with phased retirement

Retirement age? What’s that? These days it’s not about a date but a timescale: you might gradually retire over five, ten or even fifteen years. We are now firmly in the era of phased retirement – and it’s largely thanks to pension freedom. Not only could it make your later years more stimulating, but it could also be a

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May 18
Your home as retirement fund – the pros and cons

New research suggests that homeowners are saving less into pensions than people who rent their properties. Some are clearly banking on their house as a source of money in later life – but when it comes to retirement, is property or a pension your best friend? Here’s a new one: if you own your own home, you

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Apr 11
How an early £500 could help you pay for advice

Soon you may be able to make an early tax-free pension withdrawal to pay for financial advice on your retirement choices. Why is the government proposing this option now, and why should you be interested? They say the early bird catches the worm. One easy-to-miss snippet in the recent Budget was a proposal to allow