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Apr 10
Will the Lifetime ISA help you buy your first home?

There’s a new ISA in town: the Lifetime ISA. Designed to help both first-time buyers and people saving for retirement, it’s certainly an ambitious idea – but does it deliver, and what are the drawbacks? Let’s take a look at this ISA’s finer points.

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Dec 02
6 smart ways to manage your spending

Do you open bank statements with a sense of dread? Or can you often guess the balance to within a few pounds? If you’re thinking about taking financial advice, then prepare to know your spending habits like the back of your hand. Here’s how. What’s the most common problem to arise in a first meeting

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Dec 01
Insulate your money this winter

Did you know that we lose most of our savings through our heads? That’s right – because we don’t think about how much unnecessary tax we’re paying. Here are some ways to make sure your money is wrapped up tight, to keep out those (over) draughts. If your home loses heat, you lose money. We’ve

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Oct 25
Are you ready for the savings crunch?

Years ago we had the credit crunch – will the savings crunch be next? A double-whammy of low interest rates coupled with inflation could cause your ‘safe’ cash savings to erode. Maybe it’s time to look at some alternative strategies. You know the traditional hierarchy of investments? (Actually, no. I have a life. Ed.) Well,

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Jun 20
Do you suffer from money tunnel vision?

Recent research suggests that a third of middle-class earners couldn’t pay an unexpected £500 bill. If you’re in this situation despite an apparently healthy income, you may have ‘money tunnel vision’. Here’s how to correct it – with a little help from Charles Dickens (and Sherlock Holmes). ‘Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds

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Jun 02
Seven ways to pump up your savings

With interest rates so low right now, your savings may be starting to look distinctly flat. But you can still beat inflation with some money-inflating tricks of your own. If you find that whenever you check your savings you get a sinking feeling, then the chances are you’ve got a savings leak. Low interest can

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Apr 19
Saving for a Lifetime

We are in the midst of a savings revolution. In a few short years, both ISAs and pensions have been transformed beyond recognition – and more change may be yet to come. Stuart Dewin of Questa Chartered peers into the future to explore the latest options for savers. Two years ago George Osborne announced that

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Mar 28
Look after your nest egg this Easter

The problem with chocolate eggs is that they never last long. So with springtime bringing the new tax year, there’s no better time to hatch some long-term plans for making your savings grow. Here’s a little-known fact: the UK is unique among the major nations in having an April-to-April tax year. Apparently it’s something to

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Mar 02
8 reasons why an ISA is still nicer

Everyone now has a personal savings allowance, which grants basic rate taxpayers £1,000 of savings interest tax-free. Some have suggested that this means the death of the cash ISA for ordinary savers. But there are plenty of other reasons why it’s still a good idea to hang on to yours. In 2015 UK taxpayers may have paid up

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Sep 21
How to save money whatever your age

Saving money is not something that comes naturally to most of us. We don’t like the idea of cutting back and sacrificing the things we enjoy. But in this guest article, Moneymagpie reveals plenty of ways to save that won’t leave you feeling like you’re going without. Here are Moneymagpie’s top saving tips, whatever age you