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Feb 01
'You forgot your tax return again...?'

Early estimates suggest that more than 800,000 people missed the self-assessment deadline this year. Were you one of them? What was your excuse? And how can you make sure that you aren't late next time?

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Jan 25
Leave a tax-free legacy of (eventually) £1 million

You may have heard that the rules around inheritance tax (IHT) are changing with regard to family homes. Neil Adams of Drewberry Wealth shows you how to calculate your new IHT liability on your main residence – and so achieve a ‘successful succession’.

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Oct 10
Climbing the inheritance tax ladder

It’s not just house prices that are rising every year. Also increasing is the number of people whose families will have to pay inheritance tax. Are you being drawn into the net without knowing it – and if you are, what can you do to protect your family from a hefty bill? Most people never

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Sep 28
7 ways to trim your inheritance tax bill

To mark TaxAction 2016 we tackle the maze of inheritance tax, and explain why it’s one of the biggest reasons to make your wishes legally binding. Is inheritance tax (IHT) still a thing? Yes, very much so. You may have heard the recent rumours of its death, in light of the government announcing a new ‘family

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Aug 02
TaxAction 2016: The savings secrets every parent should know

Britain’s children are losing out when it comes to tax-efficient saving. As part of TaxAction 2016 in partnership with Prudential, we explore the opportunities that are being missed, and reveal the single biggest advantage that children have over adults when it comes to long-term saving. At what age should children start saving? In their teens?

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May 10
TaxAction 2016: Our 10 best tips for cutting your tax bill

As part of our TaxAction 2016 campaign in partnership with Prudential, we bring you the ten top ideas for reducing your tax bill, as supplied by financial advisers listed at Unbiased. You don’t need a hedge fund to make your money grow fast – you just need to trim back the amount you waste every day

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Feb 02
Don’t Miss Out On Tax-Free Childcare

Just in time for our TaxAction 2016 campaign, Ayesha Ping from NW Brown is here to remind us of the extra tax breaks available for those with children in childcare. Tax-free vouchers help to ensure that it’s the babies who are bouncing – not your cheques! The UK is bucking the trend in most of Europe

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Jan 27
Google tax? No, frugal tax!

You could try funnelling your income through a labyrinth of offshore companies… or you could just open ISAs, pay a little bit more into your pension and take a few other simple measures. Believe it or not, reducing your tax bill can be dead easy, and it doesn’t have to risk the wrath of HMRC.

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Jan 26
Tax is no throwaway joke

As our TaxAction 2016 campaign gathers pace, we drop in on a typical affluent household somewhere in England… and catch them in the middle of some very odd behaviour. Sally calls from the kitchen. ‘BRYCE! The bin bag needs changing!’ Bryce, in the study upstairs, is losing a fight with a self-assembly filing cabinet. ‘Maybe

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Jan 20
Land of Hope and… Tax Waste

This year the UK public is set to waste around £4.6 billion in unnecessary tax. A similar figure was frittered away last year. Why is this happening, and is there anything we can do reduce this waste? The and Prudential campaign TaxAction 2016 launches today, in a bid to do just that. If asked