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Mar 14
Budget 2016: Will we see a new kind of advice?

Perhaps you weren’t aware that something called the Financial Advice Market Review (FAMR) was even happening. But there’s every reason to be interested in the findings, which are out now. Whether or not you think you’ll ever need financial advice, the FAMR’s recommendations are likely to affect all of us in some way over the

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Sep 08
How financial advice pays you

The Cost of Advice guide from Unbiased reveals how much you can expect to pay for financial advice. And this makes it possible to answer an even more interesting question: how much could that advice pay you back? Let’s test how shrewd you are. Someone offers you an investment and says it’ll pay a

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Sep 01
Can you solve the riddle of the fishing rods?

Three fishermen, three rods, three price tags, but only one answer. Go on, take the bait. *Ding*. The bell rings above the door of Hartley’s Fly Fishing Supplies. Three men enter, all equally determined to win this year’s Lower Kimbleton angling tournament. The first, Andrew, makes a beeline for the most expensive rod on display,