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May 15
RIP: Your final financial plan

One of life’s biggest decisions is what happens at the very end of it – and it’s the one we least like to talk about. But with burial and cremation costs not only rising but subject to a postcode lottery, planning here has never been more important.

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Mar 22
No will? You’re storing up problems for the future

Nearly a third of people over the age of 55 still don’t have a will, according to recent research. Many people are also still unaware of the numerous problems associated with dying intestate. Are the Baby Boomers risking their families’ inheritance unnecessarily?

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Nov 09
I’ve got the Power (of Attorney)

If you become unable to manage your own affairs, perhaps through illness, accident or simply old age, who will manage them for you? And will your family even be able to access your money? At any age or stage of life, it’s worth setting up Lasting Power of Attorney. If you forget to make a

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Sep 27
You will regret having no Will

What happens if you die intestate – that is, without making a Will? You might assume that things will sort themselves out, but recent changes in the law could mean an outcome you just don’t want. Minesh Patel, Managing Director of EA Financial Solutions, explains the consequences of having no Will. If you haven’t yet

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May 31
Trusts – for when a Will is not enough

We can’t predict what will happen after we die – but we can prepare for it. Unforeseen circumstances can lead to families being effectively disinherited, or at least having to wait much longer than expected for their inheritance. You can remove this area of uncertainty quite simply, by setting up a trust. Even though most

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Oct 27
Make those last requests your first priority

Remembering a good cause in your will is one way to ensure you’ll never be forgotten. Find out why it’s worth taking the time to see a professional about writing your will, in this guest article from Remember A Charity. As a nation, we find it difficult to be open about death and bereavement. Writing

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Oct 16
How not to write your will

To help you set your own affairs in order, here’s an example of the most common type of will currently made by the majority of adults in the UK… None at all! I, Dylan Dally, being of sound but absent mind, do hereby forget to make my last will and testament. I revoke, annul and cancel

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Oct 15
Famous wills (can you do better?)

Celebrities behaving oddly is nothing new, as you’re about to find out. And there’s no better excuse for being wildly eccentric than when making their final wishes. Here are some of the strangest wills in history – we dare you to try and top them. Virgil (Roman epic poet) Probably the greatest of the Roman

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Oct 14
Write your will right

Once you’ve departed to the great hereafter there really is no going back – just ask Houdini – so any mistakes you make in your will are going to haunt your family, even if you don’t. Here’s our quick guide to a top-notch testament. As the world’s greatest escapologist, Harry Houdini believed he could escape

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Oct 13
Leave a legacy to be proud of

No-one lives forever – but you can make sure your final good deeds will outlive you. If there are charitable causes you like to support, making your will is the very best time to leave a contribution that won’t be forgotten. Many charities depend heavily on legacies – here’s why you should consider offering yours.