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Helping mortgage adviser Daniel Hindmarsh go it alone

Unbiased is shoring up mortgage adviser Daniel Hindmarsh’s client prospects by generating a steady stream of new leads.

Published 30 March 2022

• Working as a network partner with Mortgage Advice Bureau since 2019
• Finalist for Unbiased Mortgage Adviser of the Year 2021
• Launching a branded business, Smoove Mortgages, in 2022

A bold beginning
Daniel’s career in mortgages began with a bold move after seeing a job advertised to graduates at London and Country. Daniel, who didn’t attend university, saw this as a challenge rather than a barrier – and secured the job anyway. He went on to be awarded Protection Adviser of the Year 2015 for the Newcastle branch.

After also working for an equity release firm, (at that time, being the youngest field adviser they had ever recruited), Daniel decided to join the national Mortgage Advice Bureau network in 2019. Now he operates as an independent adviser and says he is working hard to make a positive name for himself.

“I pride myself on my honesty and transparency. I’ll never lead a client up the garden path if I can’t help them and I’d rather lose a client than give them advice or a solution that isn’t right for them.”

Daniel is working to dispel other misconceptions, like clients believing that more years in the sector automatically makes you a better adviser. In his opinion, it’s far more important for an adviser to be up to date on current legislation and recent changes.
Shoring up prospective clients
Though Covid presented initial challenges, the incredibly buoyant property market is now keeping Daniel busy. Most of his work now takes place digitally and he believes the pandemic has forced lenders into improving their digital platforms.

“This move to a more relaxed, digital way of working has been a refreshing change for me. There's too much seriousness in the mortgage world and I want to take a lot of the stress out of the mortgage process for my clients.”

Daniel learned of Unbiased from a senior colleague and decided to give the platform a try. Now, he is receiving a healthy number of enquiries.

“The type of leads that come through are accurate and are likely to actually go somewhere. If I haven’t converted, it’s nothing to do with the platform and everything to do with the person.”
John Grimbaldeston is TPO's Marketing Director
Daniel Hindmarsh
Overcoming the challenges of post-pandemic life
It is a difficult time for anyone to be in business right now. Rising energy and living costs will put a lot of strain onto people’s budgets and force them to make difficult decisions. But Daniel, whose primary concern is his clients, wants people not to be scared to remortgage or release equity to cope with the sky-rocketing cost of living.

“Just last month, I helped a client released £10,000 of equity from their home for home improvements and to help offset rising energy costs. It saved them £50 per month. They had no idea they could even do that, but to me it was such a straightforward solution that stopped them worrying straight away.”

Daniel shares the most common mistakes buyers make, such as collecting a large amount of decision in principles, which can do significant damage to their credit score. He also shared a quick win for people who are looking to get serious about budgeting.

“Stop budgeting over four weeks! A lot of months aren't four weeks, and those £5, £10, £20s for food and bills that you weren’t expecting add up.”
Finding fulfilment in other people’s milestones
Daniel has been fortunate that he hasn’t needed to allocate a huge budget for marketing activities, earning most of his clients through word of mouth. He has made a name for himself as someone who can find a solution in difficult circumstances, even if a client has previously been declined.
The most inspiring part of Daniel’s job is getting people to a position of homeownership or financial freedom that they couldn’t have reached alone. Helping a client out of a vulnerable situation is the best reward he could’ve asked for.
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