Financial advice boosts retirement savings levels by nearly £100 per month

New research from and AXA Life Invest shows that financial advice encourages people to save more for retirement

02 Oct 2014

  • Advised savers benefit from an additional income of £3,654 every year of their retirement
  • People who receive advice feel better prepared for their retirement than those who don’t 

New research from and AXA Life Invest shows that financial advice encourages people to save more for retirement and helps them to feel better prepared for their golden years. The research found that nearly half (43%) of UK savers approaching retirement increase their retirement savings levels by £98 a month as a direct result of taking financial advice, boosting their savings levels from £89 a month pre-advice to £187 post-advice.

Advice pays in retirement 

Advised UK savers who put away an additional £98 monthly as a result of taking financial advice would receive an additional income of £3,654 every year of their retirement, based upon a pension pot of £100,000.

If a UK saver were to experience investment growth of 5% (currently the intermediate rate for tax-advantaged products such as ISAs and pensions, as prescribed by the FCA),[3] their cumulative pension pot would be almost £64k greater (£63,595) than someone who had not sought advice.

Mind the advice gap

When looking at UK savers over 40 who do not receive financial advice, almost half (45%) currently save no money whatsoever for their retirement, while 52% say they do not feel prepared for this key milestone. This indicates that a sizeable proportion of unadvised Britons could be woefully underprepared for the future and could face poverty in retirement.

People who seek advice have more peace of mind about their future than those who do not. Looking at all UK savers from 18 years and older who have not yet retired,[4] over half (54%) of the advised group feel well prepared for their retirement, compared with just 14% of those who have not received financial advice.

The earlier you seek advice, the better off you are 

The research indicates that UK savers who seek advice early on in their lives tend to feel better prepared for their retirement, while those who spent more time with their adviser tend to save more for their retirement.

How prepared do you feel for retirement, split by age when they first sought retirement advice[2]

Age when first sought retirement advice  Well prepared for retirement 

Not prepared for retirement 


71% 11%


52% 15%


41% 25%


39% 29%

The time people spend preparing for retirement with the help of an adviser also has an impact on how much they save. UK savers who have been seeking retirement advice for 11 years or over and have increased their savings as a direct result, save an average of £223 per month for their retirement, compared with £155 for people who have been receiving advice for less than two years.

To what did you increase your retirement savings as a result of seeking advice, split by how long have you been receiving retirement advice for

How long have you been receiving
advice on your retirement?

Less than 2 years 2-5 years 6-10 years  11+ years 

How much did you increase your
monthly retirement saving to as
a result of seeking advice?

£155 £149 £197 £223

What advisers say’s poll of over 200 independent financial advisers[5] echoes the findings from UK savers. Advisers say they are most capable of boosting a client’s retirement income levels fifteen years before their client’s retirement date.

Thinking about clients coming to you at different life stages ahead of their retirement – to what extent do you think you could boost their retirement income?

Stage client came to an adviser 

Proportion of advisers who thought they
could boost clients' retirement income

15 years before retirement


10 years before retirement


5 years before retirement


At retirement


Simon Smallcombe, Managing Director of AXA Life invest, comments:

“Our research shows that people save more each month as a result of taking financial advice. People who seek advice earlier save substantially more than others and consequentially feel better prepared for their golden years.

“At AXA Life Invest we believe that people should seek advice at least ten to fifteen years before retirement, so that advisers can significantly boost the level of retirement income UK savers receive. As with most things in life, planning and preparation delivers better results. The sooner you seek professional independent advice, the more likely you will be to be comfortable in retirement and enjoy it to the fullest.”

Karen Barrett, chief executive of comments:

“This research highlights the improvement to retirement finances as a result of taking advice and whilst the impact of advice on the amount of money you put away for your retirement speaks for itself, the ‘softer benefits’ of advice shouldn’t be ignored.

“Retirement planning has always been the uppermost reason why people seek financial advice and this comes as no surprise given that the financial decisions you make for and at retirement are some of the most important you make in your life. The pensions world has seen a lot of change in the last few months, which has created even more options for consumers to consider, so having a professional adviser take you through the different options will help you to feel confident about the choices you make.

“Anyone planning for their retirement should seek advice from a whole of market financial adviser. For a free and confidential search for a whole of market financial adviser, visit”



[1] Based upon a pension pot of £100,000, AXA Life Invest has estimated the total increase as a result of saving an additional £98 per month from 40 to 65 years of age. This assumption accounts for a fund management charge of 0.5% per annum and contract management charges, tax relief of 20% and investment growth of 5% per annum. The assumption is based on a range of annuities, details of which can be found here.

[2] Sample size consists of 213 UK savers aged 40 and over who have sought advice on their retirement planning, taken from an overall sample of 1,486 pre-retirees. Research conducted by Opinium Research in July 2014.

[3] FCA projection rates can be found here.

[4] Sample size consists of 1,486 pre-retirees, of which 444 have sought advice on their retirement planning and 997 have not sought advice. Research conducted by Opinium Research in July 2014.

[5] surveyed 217 advisers in July 2014.

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