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James has a gained wealth of accountancy and tax knowledge having previously worked in a multinational practice with operations spanning seven different jurisdictions. He has vast experience in dealing with international corporates & individuals.

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Mr James Seville
Accountant/Tax Advisor/Consultant
Ms Elena Giambartolomei
Accountant/Tax Advisor/Consultant
Mr Pierluigi Guiduzzi
Accountant/Tax Advisor/Consultant
Ms Maria Lo Presti
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Diana Tomba
5 Stars - Amazing people, competent, kind
Carla C
I recently had the privilege of dealing with London Corporate Management to resolve a complex tax issue related to WDF that had been causing me a lot of stress and anxiety. I can't express how...
Elizabeth Ward-booth
I have been with LCM for many years now. I have had excellent service; quick, efficient and always ready to help with any queries.
Nicole Dynes
Great professionals you can rely on: timely and excellent advice, prompt replies to queries, highly recommended

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