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As an Independent Chartered Financial Planner, Sandra provides a personalised financial planning and advice service to individuals and businesses.
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Last authorised 20th June 2022
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DR Sandra Saint Bsc (Hons) PhD APFS Certs CII (MP & ER)
Chartered Financial Planner

To achieve the Associateship grade, individuals would be required to have 6 AFPC (Diploma) units or equivalent. This shows a commitment to continuous professional development.

This examination assesses the candidate to develop in depth financial planning skills related to personal and corporate pensions.

This qualification assesses a knowledge and understanding of the UK regulation environment in the financial services industry, mortgage products, repayment options and the giving of mortgage advice.

To achieve DipPFS individuals must achieve 140 credits. At least 80 credits must be at Diploma or AFPC level.

This examination assesses the candidate to develop an understanding of the financial planning process when giving advice to clients.

This examination assesses the candidate to develop in depth financial planning skills related to investments and the management of investment portfolios.

This examination assesses the candidate to develop in depth financial planning skills related to personal tax and trusts.

This examination assesses a knowledge and understanding of the different types of equity release products, risks to the consumer associated with equity release and application of suitable equity release solutions according to the circumstances of different customers.

At the end of this unit, candidates should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the: process of decumulating pension funds and the main issues for clients and advisers; main choices facing members of pensions schemes during decumulation; features, risks and tax treatment of the secured pension option; features, risks and tax treatment of the unsecured pension option; features, risks and tax treatment of phased retirement; features, risks and tax treatment of the alternatively secured pension option.

This qualification assesses a knowledge and understanding of the UK regulation environment in the financial services industry, mortgage products, repayment options and the giving of mortgage advice.

At the end of this unit, candidates should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the: main tax and legal frameworks that govern the accumulation phase of building up retirement benefits under registered pension schemes; features of defined contribution and defined benefit pensions; choices faced by early leavers and use of transfer value analysis; State retirement benefits available, including the risks and suitability of contracting out of the State Second Pension.

This qualification assesses a knowledge and understanding of the UK regulation environment in the financial services industry, long term care insurance products and the giving of long term care insurance advice.

At the end of this unit, candidates should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the: legal principles associated with the creation and management of a trust; main types of trusts that are common in the UK; taxation considerations relevant to trusts.

At the end of this unit, candidates should be able to demonstrate an understanding of: how the economic environment and individual company performance affects investment performance and investment decision making; how risk is measured and managed; the main principles governing how to construct an investment portfolio; the range of investment management services, how their performance is evaluated and their regulatory environment.

This qualification enables professional advisers to develop specialist planning capabilities, covers topics like: personal tax and trust, business financial, pension and investment planning.

Chartered financial planner - individual adviser accreditation
What our clients say
Initially to get a better mortgage deal but during my review Sandra highlighted areas I had never thought to consider and make provision for. Well for a start she did all the work for me of getting the best deal and all I had to do was listen. I am very busy so valued someone I trust doing the research for me. She was very efficient and fast to respond with the information I needed. Also even though I have a professional highly paid job finances are not my strong point and Sandra explained them in a way I could understand, especially complicated things like pensions. I am very pleased with my mortgage deals and have used Sandra everytime. I am also pleased with my investments and the interest accrued.
Val, Birmingham
Sandra Saint is a most pleasant & thoroughly professional person. Through our discussions, she understood my requirements clearly & gave appropriate advice. I believe we have formed a very good working relationship.
Mr Buckley, Nottinghamshire
To optimise and rationalise investments. Sandra reviewed current investments and savings and identified an investment approach appropriate to our attitude to risk. She explained the approach clearly and responded quickly to questions and queries that we had. More recently Sandra has reviewed our pensions investments and made recommendations enabling us to take early retirement. Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for? Yes.
Steve, Nottinghamshire
Initially for managing a lump sum and now annual financial advice for managing our affairs. Sandra has helped us with two mortgages, ISAs and provided advice regarding setting up my own business. Sandra has always provided us with the very best investment opportunities.
Peter, Derbyshire
Wanted information about money. Came and talked to me about different ways in which I use my money. What could they have done better? Nothing as she explained everything clearly, and it was up to me wether I took her advice.
Maureen, Nottingham
Mortgage renewal. Finance review and mortgage options and completion. Reduced mortgage rate. What could they have done better? Nothing. Excellent service very professional. Flexible on availability. Prompt.
Chloe, Nottingham
Looking for a mortgage for first home. Found a mortgage that fit my needs. Advised on her experience with the mortgage companies customer service, speed and any other problems. Helped with situation when had an offer accepted on a house only for the sellers to drop out and accept offer from other buyers. Have now got a mortgage and have been in my house for 6 months. Sandra was always helpful and prepared to give advice or to answer questions. Got back to me if she was unavailable at the time.
Adrian, Loughborough
Approaching pensionable age. By amalgamating several small pension funds and finding the best annuity provider.
Frances, Norfolk
Buying our first home and then 2 years later looking for a new mortgage deal. Sound advice in the investigation and securing of first mortgage with good advice as to how best to utilise our available deposit. Has saved significant money in the long run and has meant we have been paying back affordable mortgage payments but also have a mortgage with an appropriate duration. What could they have done better? Costs of services are more than fair even if they seem expensive- this money is easily regained as a saving within the mortgage. Nothing to improve.
Hannah, Nottingham
I needed to consolidate numerous diverse investments and have a qualified advisor manage my account portfolio. A previous advisor declined to take me as a client due to the complex nature of my investments but Sandra ably stepped up to the challenge. Over the first year of our association she was able to advise on the consolidation of funds into ISAs, investment funds etc. All my managed investments are performing as expected and as Sandra is continually reviewing the funds I do not need to worry. What could they have done better? Sandra has done everything I was expecting, and more. Her quality of service has been excellent.
Stephen, Derby
Was offered Redundancy from my Employer. Explained to me about ISA,s. Also searched for the best Annuity provider. Everything working to my satisfaction. What could they have done better? None, kept me informed at all times during the process.
Ken, Derbyshire
May mortgage contract was about to expire and I needed to source a good deal for re-mortgaging. Sandra was recommended to me by a friend. Sandra conducted a review of my affordability of the new mortgage which was to be increased by 80,000, as this sum had to be given to my ex-husband (his share of the equity). Sandra reassured me that the new increase in mortgage was manageable and she sourced a good rate of interest for me. She was very professional and understanding. I was very pleased with the new mortgage. What could they have done better? Sandra was a very warm and professional lady. I only have positive comments and would recommend her services without hesitation.
Katherine, Nottingham
A large loss of income and some questionable management of my investments when with a High Street provider. She was friendly and approachable designing an investment plan which at its core had a cautious approach.She explained to me in simple terms how my investments work but doesn't talk down to me. My investments have recovered steadily from my losses and I feel confident leaving them being managed by Sandra's Company. What could they have done better? We could maybe schedule appointments from one to the next so they are in the diary well ahead, as many healthcare appointments are. Saving both of us time.
Ann, Nottingham
Mortgage was up for review and increased premiums on insurances. She searched for the best deals for us and if one didn't work then she tried another until we had the best package that suited us. She got us a great deal on a fixed mortgage and cheaper and better cover for our insurance. Our mortgage and insurance payments were reduced which has given us more flexible income. What could they have done better? nothing a very helpful friendly service
Katie, Nottingham
Needed advice when husband left work. I explained what I needed and Sandra looked into things and provided it. I didn't want high risk but am satisfied with the interest received. What could they have done better? Do not think Sandra could have done more, the main thing is she listened to what I wanted and came up with the goods
Sylvia, Nottinghamshire
Inheritance savings and buying a house plus life insurance. Financial advice for all of the above, including advice on types of mortgages. Advice on savings including ISA plans. All went well with the house purchase and my investments were successful. Thanks for all of the great help. What could they have done better? Everything went well and communication was excellent so I cannot make any suggestions to improve the service because it was great.
Suzanna, Bristol
We were looking to buy our first house. Sandra was fantastic- she came to see us and spoke to us about what we were looking for then advised us on the best option for us. She has been great at keeping in contact and very quick to respond to us. This has been really important for us as first time buyers with lots of questions. We have had a mortgage agreed and extended once, and we are now on the verge of exchange and completion of our first house. What could they have done better? Nothing - Sandra really has been fantastic.
Rachael, Nottingham
Existing investments were somewhat stagnant. Understood what I was looking for, explained options well. Introduced me to an investment platform. What could they have done better? Nothing
Colin, Nottingham
I decided it was time to put something in place for my future. Sandra helped me through the whole process, understanding where my money was going and how it would be used to provide me with a pension at a later date.
Adam, Nottingham
inheritance. Sandra offered me guidance and advice on financial investment. I have only been with the company for 10 months so too early to comment. What could they have done better? Sandra made me feel very comfortable with the advice she gave me, explaining financial matters to me which I knew nothing about, i don't think that there was anything more that Sandra could have offered me.
Susan, Nottingham
For help with finances after my husband died. She looked after my money making sure I had enough to live on plus an emergency fund and the remainder invested wisely without any worry. I have been more than satisfied. What could they have done better? I cannot think she could have done anything more for me.
Jean, Leicestershire
Required new mortgage. Found range of suitable products in timely manner. Very reliable and trust worthy. Good mortgage offer with competitive rates. Overall cheaper than we were previously paying. What could they have done better? Unable to think of anything that could be improved.
Miriam, Nottinghamshire
With retirement approaching, not getting any younger and not wanting to give away needlessly to the taxman, I had a number of pensions and savings in low yield accounts. Took a personal interest in what I wanted to achieve and wrote a comprehensive report. Review not completed yet, but the most important thing Sandra has achieved is advising where my different pensions should be invested.
Bob, Nottingham
Mortgage review and old mortgage adviser was no longer practicing. Sandra has been assisting us for many years. Her advice has been open honest and reliable. When she couldn't better out current mortgage providers deal she advised us to stay where we were. I trust her.
Jo, Nottingham
We needed advice on remortgaging and related investments. Provided advice and explained different options. What could they have done better? We were happy with the outcome
Esther, Nottingham
Divorce after a very long marriage ended. Sandra carefully evaluated my circumstances, she spent time explaining all the options open and available to me what I found really really valuable was looking at how much risk I was willing to take and finding the right plan for me to invest my divorce settlement, I would have had no idea on how to do this myself. Everything was explained, extremely efficiently and my money was invested in many markets and products to spread the risk and to also provide future income. For me it was the peace of mind I do not have to worry what to do with rather a large amount of money. It has only been a little over 6 months since I invested my divorce settlement but I have every confidence that I will see the outcome I hoped and planned for. What could they have done better? NO! Sandra was polished, ethical, understanding, patient, extremely knowledgeable and professional, also very warm and friendly too.
Rosalyn, Hucknall
I had savings which were no longer providing an appropriate rate of interest in my savings account. Sandra Saint reviewed all my finances and made recommedations for a variety of different types of investment including stocks and shares ISA and investment bonds. The risk and rates of return were carefully selected to meet my requirements. I have been delighted with the rate of increase of my investments which continue to grow. What could they have done better? I find it very difficult to find anything that I feel Sandra could have done better for me. The various options were all explained to me such that I was able to understand how they all compared. This in it'self was a great triumph for me as I normally struggle to get to grips with figures and finance. Once I had decided what investments I wanted Sandra dealt with all the paper work. It was very easy.
Helen, Staffordshire
Retirement. By providing good advice on investment. What could they have done better? Nothing Sandra is very knowledgeable and skilled within her field
Denise, Derbyshire
To explore how best to invest my savings. Sandra met me in person to discuss my needs. My questions were answered with thoroughness and clarity and I felt my needs and goals were understood. The products and saving platform which were recommended to me by Sandra were completely well suited and the outcome was more than I had hoped for.
Bushra, Stockton-on-Tees
I needed my finances sorting as I needed more monthly allowance and had doubts that my money was not being put to the best use. She talked to me in words I understood and there was a lot for her to sort. She also found money that I did not know I previously misadviced. (She also likes tea!!!) I feel I can call Sandra at any time as lots has happened in my life since her visit and I cant remember much now .....although have clear documentation to read through. I had every confidence in her recommendations. I am still a bit confused as I thought I would have a monthly increase but get it three monthly instead......I am sure I must have agreed to this. What could they have done better? I feel Sandra did all within her power to help me at the time
Carol, Derbyshire
My Husband and I were looking to buy our first house and wanted advice on which mortgage would be the best deal for us. Sandra first helped us research our credit history so that we knew where we stood when approaching lenders for our first mortgage. She spent a lot of time and effort searching for the best deal that would be available to us. As first time buyers we were feeling overwhelmed by the process but Sandra explained everything to us about how mortgage lending works which made us feel confident in that we were making good financial decisions. When we had chosen a lender to apply to, Sandra even went the extra mile by personally taking in our application to the branch to ensure we didn't miss the deal that was on offer. This certainly reduced the level of stress involved as we knew our application had been put into the hands of the person who needed to receive it. We were accepted for a mortgage by the lender and were extremely happy with the deal that we got. Thanks to Sandra's clear advice, we understood exactly what we were committing to and why this deal was suited to our needs. If we had tried to undertake this process on our own, I fear that we would have been unsuccessful in securing a mortgage at such as good rate as first time buyers because we didn't have the resource that Sandra had to look at everything available to us. Another key benefit to taking Sandra's advice was that she was always mindful of us spending within our means which made sure we didn't overstretch ourselves financially. What could they have done better? I can't think of anything that Sandra could have done better. Her advice and support were faultless throughout the process.
Kelly, Nottingham
We wanted to amalgamate our existing pensions and invest our savings. Sandra offered polite, professional and friendly unbiased advise. What could they have done better? Can't think of anything that would improve Sandra's wonderful service.
Mandy, Birmingham
we had a bit of money from redundancy payment that we wished to invest. later we needed help to manage a pension fund. She took notice of our need to be low risk in our investments and guided us accordingly. She also got the best return from an anuity. the fund has steadily increased despite the turbulent markets that we have suffered over the last few years.
Ian, Nottinghamshire
I felt that I needed to get better value for my savings than with the current account at Lloyds TSB. Something not too 'adventurous ' but away from the norm. We had two meetings initially, the first was Sandra finding out where I was coming from and ideas on where I wanted to head for. The second was options that were open to me and from then onwards it was up to me and the right criteria was put into place. Did Sandra meet your expectations? Very much so, far better than I could ever have hoped for. And let's face it I wasn't an up market heavy investor by any means. But after the initial two years' settling in period ' we were up and running. And to be frank it was marvellous just what Sandra created for me!. What could they have done better? Do you know , there isn't anything I could improve on what Sandra achieved for me.
Alan, Nottingham
I needed to maximise my income from pensions and savings. Sandra understood my position and the need for an income in retirement.Sandra placed my pension pot in the best annuity giving maximum returns and invested my savings in stocks and shares ISA's to vastly improve my income compared to high street banks. The outcome I had hoped for, with pensions, was slightly better than I could have done myself but the investment made by Sandra on my behalf have ,so far, exceeded my expectations. What could they have done better? I do not believe that any other adviser could have done a better job for me.
Stephen, Leicestershire
Retirement with a final salary pension and wanting to invest a lump sum. She came to my home, explained what she does, listened carefully to what I thought I wanted, she went away and came back with proposals for me to consider, based on my risk assessment. In particular an annual review of performance, a discussion of any changes in my circumstances, and a very good return on my investments in difficult financial times. What could they have done better? Sandra responds quickly if I need to speak to her about anything I am worried about. She explains everything very clearly and her written summaries are also very clear. I don't think there is anything else I want her to do at this stage.
Amanda, Hastings
I had money sitting in the bank not gaining any interest. She gave me advise and helped me to invest my money wisely. What could they have done better? Nothing. She is fantastic!
Kat, Nottingham
Various things I wasn't too sure about, was hoping to have things made easier to understand, was a little dubious at first, but very pleased overall. She was very thorough and sorted out some old pension and life insurance things. It was better than I expected.
Barry, Leicestershire
Thank you Sandra for sorting our financial affairs and pointing us in the right direction. We were contemplating getting a Financial advisor for a while and then COVID-19 happened! Chris was considering voluntary severance, plus other important decisions regarding our finances. Having researched various sites, I came across the, Unbiased site which led me to, AFH wealth management and Sandra. From our first contact with her, we felt at ease. Sandra outlined the process clearly and got to work quickly on our behalf, as time was of the essence. Sandra got to know us and understood our needs. It was a difficult time, and meetings were conducted over Zoom and electronic signing, all things we had to learn to use, but it was so simple with Sandra’s guidance. We have to say we are both extremely grateful to Sandra, for her help, understanding and friendliness throughout. We look forward to staying with her on our financial journey. We would definitely not hesitate recommending Sandra.
Chris & Diane, Nottingham
Financial Advice? - It’s All About Trust I was made redundant, age 60 and needed my pensions to provide an income for me. I’d never used a financial adviser before Unbiased put me in touch with Sandra Saint. After our introductory meeting I felt comfortable and, most importantly to me, I could trust Sandra to look after my interests, provide the right advice & help needed to make early retirement possible. Sandra is very approachable, friendly and extremely professional. All my wishes and requests were taken on board, my questions answered with full explanation. The process and timescale of producing a retirement plan were outlined right at the start. Throughout the financial process Sandra kept me well informed. I feel she & her team at AFH did all they could on my behalf. All fees were outlined before starting; no nasty surprises when finished. Thanks to the great help and advice from Sandra, I’m enjoying early retirement. I recommend Sandra & AFH to anyone needing financial advice.
Steve, Mapperley Nottingham
About us

AFH was founded in 1990 by chartered financial planner and current CEO Alan Hudson. With more than £5 billion in assets under management, AFH Wealth Management currently has more than 250 independent financial advisers who provide financial planning-led wealth management advice and services to the mass affluent and high-net-worth private client market in the UK, as well as to a number of companies.
We work with a financial planning-led wealth management mindset, that’s because we believe that successfully growing your wealth has to begin with an effective financial plan, to match your circumstances.
You’ll join us on a financial planning journey mapped out just for you, with a holistic view to ensure all your financial needs and aspirations are covered, understood and met. Our qualified independent financial advisers will help you to plan your financial future, supported by an in-house team of investment and research specialists to ensure you receive the best investment solutions on the market.

Our services

Whether you need help in a specific area, or require a more holistic financial plan, your personal goals and objectives are at the heart of everything we do at AFH. If circumstances change, we can adapt your plan to ensure you remain on track, and because we’re independent, we can search the whole of the market to find the products and providers that are right for you.

Sandra specialises in investments, pensions, retirement, Inheritance Tax and Long Term Care planning being adept at dealing with all manner of complex needs and situations.

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Head office address: 293 Main Street, Calverton, Nottinghamshire, NG14 6LT
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