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During volatile times such as these, its more important than ever to be confident that your money is safe and being well looked after.

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This firm is FCA registered and you can be confident that their treatment of customers conforms to the FCA’s strict criteria.

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Advice Service Value From overall conception of planning to the minute detail of funds and percentage make ups David covers all points in easy to understand...
He anticipates our needs with solutions that are both simple to understand and requires little user involvement and work very well.
David Pritchard possesses those qualities look for in a financial advisor. He is very skilled at sharing his knowledge, experience, and no-how, inspires his clients with his trust and confidence.
John & Margaret
When visiting Applewood Independent we are always pleasantly received by David and his staff. David explains options and financial risk levels so that we are given excellent advice for the investment...
Very pleased with advice & recommendations & the results they achieve with both interest generated & growth received. The results are within our constraints of risks.
Advice Service Value He is truly independent, with a load of experience. He is cautious and sceptical as needed and avoid unnecessary risks. A safe pair of hands.

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