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13th August 2018
Are you thinking about your retirement or considering your retirement options? We can help you.....
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    • Investing for income
    • Investment trusts
    • ISAs
    • OEICs
    • Offshore investments
    • Socially responsible investments
    • Traded endowment policies
    • Unit trusts
    • Annuity purchase
    • Pension consolidation
    • Pension drawdown
    • Pensions & retirement planning
    • Pensions review
    • Pensions transfer
    • Sipps
    • Stakeholder
    • Lump sum
    • Savings for children
    • School fees planning
    • Wealth management
Meet our advisers
Marco Vallone
Founder / Owner
What our clients say
We wanted to make investments with savings. Marco took us through all the available options, and helped us understand pros and cons of each. He also made us think about why we were thinking about investing in the first place. Due to personal circumstances we decided, with Marco, that waiting for a while before investing was the right course of action
Evan, Brighton
Looking at planning for retirement and wanted expert advice on consolidating all of my pensions. Almost was made redundant, and at 55 thought it was a good time to see where I stood financially. Marco sat me down, listened and to what I was after, took me through the process of identifying my pensions and assets, made sure he understood everything about my situation - children, wife, parents, share portfolio - any questions and clarifications were done jargon free and easy to understand. He explained exactly what he could do for me and the costs - he kept me informed on a weekly basis of progress, and once completed his investigations, he took me through it so that I understood everything. Marco fulfilled my goal of understanding what income I can expect at 60 and 65, explained what would happen to my wife in the event I died - all done very clearly. He explained everything and is also made himself available afterwards for questions
Dan, Hove
I needed to better understand my pensions. So I needed answers to questions such as am I paying in enough, if I paid more how much earlier could I retire, should I merge or change any of my pensions. Marco questioned and listened to me to get a really thorough understanding of what I required from him. He told me briefly about how he could help me in a more detailed manner, but stuck very much to providing clarity around my current pension situation and what that means for the future which is what I required. I am delighted in the output from Marco. He fully answered my questions, providing a great presentation, and illustrated through charts, graphs, and verbally a very clear and easy to understand view of my pension funds.
Rose, Hove
I inherited a sum of money which I wanted to invest for the future. He assessed my attitude to risk and found me an investment which exactly suited my needs. I have absolutely seen the outcome I as hoping for and have no criticism of the service I received.
Scott, Hove
Difficult to criticise. Gave prompt advice, whilst maintaining a professional and friendly relationship.
John, Hove
Marco did an incredible amount of research, contacting all companies involved to fully understand our investments. He looked at all the different options to transfer our money back to the UK. Communication with Marco is excellent, and he has given us clarity on our situation, and a way to move forward.
Elizabeth, Brighton
Marco assessed my needs, savings and investments, advised on some changes, and set up new investments. I am happy with Marco's service.
Derek, Hove
I needed advice following changes in employment and pensions. Marco provided umbiguous advice and clear recommendations to achieve my objectives.
Ceri, Hove
We needed assistance to best manage our investments and savings. Marco helped us with appropriate advice to safeguard our investments while obtaining the best returns and we consider that our investments have been well managed.
Alex, Chessington
After a consultation with Marco Vallone about my requirements with my pension, he started the ball rolling, in a way that was clear and precise to understand, on getting my pension transferred and invested. Their documents are laid out in an easy way to read giving me peace of mind for the future. The product I accepted is well suited to my current needs and I am very happy with my pension arrangement and the advice given.
Leslie, Worthing
Marco helped us choose an insurance package and arrange will's that gave us great peace of mind, knowing that our children would be protected and provided for. Marco has also given us occasional financial advice over the years regarding loan management and we have Just recently welcomed Marco's help with fresh insurances and advice on having our will's updated.
Stephen & Trica, Crawley
A change of ownership and pension arrangements at my employer meant I needed advice on future cash flow and whether to consolidate a clutch of small personal pensions into my new workplace pension scheme or elsewhere. He produced a very clear and detailed report which I will be able to use as a basis for action, and clearly explained the reasons for his advice. As a result, I will move them and save myself a pile of money in the coming years!.
Carol, Brighton
We have used Marco for many years now, he is trust worthy and transparent with his fees. His knowledge is broad, giving multiple solutions and he really cares in finding the best deal for your individual needs. He has a 'nothing is too much trouble' attitude and regularly emails to make sure we are happy with our contracts.
Neil, Uckfield
Marco is very patient and explains the technical side of mortgages very clearly and as many times as necessary for me to fully understand what I'm signing up for. He will always double and triple check the facts and my understanding.
Zara, Hassocks
I already had a financial adviser but he moved away. I needed support with managing investments and pensions. Marco has done a comprehensive review of all my finances with a regular tracking system. It has made it easier to plan and also understand the way I need to structure my work and finances for the future. Marco has made it very user-friendly.
Lucy, Hove
Following redundancy, I had a lump sum which I wished to invest and have subsequently added to this investment. Originally arranged via another adviser but Marco has advised my wife and I for several years. His approach to understanding attitude to risk has been very helpful. Yes- we primarily wanted to protect value of investment and this has been more than achieved in real terms.
Geoffrey & Elizabeth, Brighton
Following a change to my pensions I was looking for guidance on retirement planning. Marco provided exceptional advice. I am a financial journalist but still sometimes struggle with the jargon of the investment world but Marco cut through this with plan speaking and clear guidance. He impressed me hugely both with his knowledge and the clarity of the advice he gave.
Tom, Brighton
Marco listened to our needs, gathered all the relevant documents and details of the schemes that we had, this was presented to us in a clear, precise and fully understandable way in a language that we were able to comprehend. It is difficult to think of anything that could have been done better, the all-round experience was a very positive one for us and will continue into the future with Marco as our advisor.
Michael, Eastbourne
We inherited some money & required some advice on investment. Marco took over from a previous adviser who retired. We think he has looked after our investments very well & is always there if we need any more advice.
Peter, Partridge Green
My husband passed away in June 2015 and I needed advice on investing money. I was not used to searching for the best place to invest money. I contacted Marco and, even though the amount I had was not huge compared with some, Marco offered, and is still offering me advice and helped me know where to look in order that I could make my own decisions. Marco also met my two daughters and explained things to them so they were aware what I was doing and why. Marco made things a lot easier for us at a difficult time. I count myself very lucky to have found him.
Anna, Hove
Marco spent a lot of time getting to know us and our financial situation, goals and attitude to risk. He was very helpful in clearly explaining the alternatives available to us and the disadvantages of following a particular course of action. He was open about the charges involved and behaved in a very professional manner throughout.
Helen, Horsham
I suffer with MS and recently I was forced to take "early retirement", I have a young family that I wanted to protect them financially and I was desperate for advice. Marco sat with me and my wife for a couple of hours and by the time our meeting had finished we were in a much "better place" and I was clear on my options relating to my pension and my cash investment options (50,000 +). I am so grateful to have Marco on my side. Financially I am in comfortable position and Marco discussed my saving and pension options and he did this in a very clear, understandable manor. I was so relived to know that I would have someone to hold my hand throughout the various mine fields. I no longer work and I am delighted to know that I have so many options.
Gary, Hove
Pensions that were maturing and wanted professional advice as to what was best route to go with them. He gave great advice on where our money would work well with no pressure to take the advice if we weren't happy. Marco has been so helpful, he's blunt and tells you as it is, he doesn't beat around the bush and goes looking for everything you ask for. He offers great advice and guides you in the right direction without being forceful.
Angela, Hove
My Wife and I had a number of investments and pensions and needed to consolidate these and understand our overall financial position with retirement looming. Marco has been very methodical and took a step by step approach breaking down everything with have, analysing them and then making recommendations going forward. He is very clear, always recaps where we are, what we are achieving and next steps. We first met Marco 4 years ago and he gave us good initial advice. We then asked him to look at our finances in detail 2 years ago. He has gradually worked through and broken it down into different areas with clear priorities and outcomes. This work continues until we have everything in good shape. We will then have regular reviews.
Martin, Hove
Marco listens to your issues rather then trying to sell you some product just because they are more lucrative for him. An honest adviser and an honest man.
Fabio, Hove
I first needed financial advice when setting up a private pension. Since then I have unhesitatingly turned to Marco for further advice. Marco helped me to set up a suitable pension and has also provided advice on investments and insurance. I have a suitable pension, life insurance and an investment plan in place.
Martin, Brighton
My wife and I separated and the only advice we both believed was Marco's Impartial advice given with empathy and financially sound. financial planning and division of finances . Marco is the one person we agree on listening too.
Christopher, Hassocks
Marco is very clear and takes the time to make sure you understand your options and the consequences. He always follow up and makes sure everything is going as expected.
Jane, Hove
Marco combines a personable, easy-going style with sound advice. He explains things clearly, understands our needs and preferences well and advises us appropriately. I have always felt confident that Marco is giving us the best advice suited to our particular needs. He is very good at keeping in touch - responding quickly and checking in regularly.
Catherine, Hove
Marco is very approachable and genuine. The advice he gives, is with you and your requirements in mind. NOT with his pocket in mind, like so many other advisers.
Arthur, Worthing
Marco listens and understands well. I feel completely confident that he knows how I feel about finances and risk and I trust his advice will be in my best interests. He is considered and does not push me to change tack or continue investing in something which will not be of any further benefit to me long term. He makes financial matters clear and simple to understand.
Brigid,, East Grinstead, West Sussex
Marco's deep subject knowledge and understanding combine seamlessly with his professional yet friendly approach. I have utmost trust in his ability to advise and act on my behalf.
Genevieve, Brighton
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We understand that retirement can be scary for some and exciting for others. We will help get you where you want to go in a straightforward way.

Our clear process works well for clients. You will know what we will be doing for you and what our costs are before we do anything for you. We operate on a 'no surprises' philosophy.

You have nothing to lose by having a conversation with us and, if we aren't the right fit for you (and vice versa!!!) we have lost nothing other than an hour of our time.

Our services

Everyone is unique, however, we are very experienced with retirement issues and understand what is likely to be relevant to you.

You may find that planning and organising your financial arrangements, can be time-consuming, complicated, stressful and even daunting.

Taking a step back to look at your long-term plans is something you probably don’t always have the chance to do. We provide the opportunity for you to do so.

We want to make a difference and will work with you to establish what your long-term goals are and how your financial arrangements fit in with them.

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