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Our areas of expertise are investment management and Pension advice. We are independent financial advisers in Cupar and St Andrews
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Annuity purchase
Auto enrolment
Pension consolidation
Pension drawdown
Pensions & divorce
Pensions & retirement planning
Pensions review
Pensions transfer
Wealth management
Ethical investments
ISA / Unit Trusts / OEICs
Investing for income
Investment trusts
Socially responsible investments
Unit trusts
Lump sum
National savings
Regular savings
Savings for children
School fees planning
Capital gains tax
Estate planning
Income tax
Taxation planning
Rest of world
Group Pension/Stakeholder
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David Arthur

This qualification assesses a knowledge and understanding of investment products and the application of the investment advice process.

This qualification assesses a knowledge and understanding of an ability to analyse financial protection planning issues.

This qualification assesses a knowledge and understanding of the financial services industry, including regulation, legislation and the Code of Ethics.

To achieve DipPFS individuals must achieve 140 credits. At least 80 credits must be at Diploma or AFPC level.

At the end of this unit, candidates should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the: process of decumulating pension funds and the main issues for clients and advisers; main choices facing members of pensions schemes during decumulation; features, risks and tax treatment of the secured pension option; features, risks and tax treatment of the unsecured pension option; features, risks and tax treatment of phased retirement; features, risks and tax treatment of the alternatively secured pension option.

At the end of this unit, candidates should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the: main tax and legal frameworks that govern the accumulation phase of building up retirement benefits under registered pension schemes; features of defined contribution and defined benefit pensions; choices faced by early leavers and use of transfer value analysis; State retirement benefits available, including the risks and suitability of contracting out of the State Second Pension.

Certified Financial Planner
What our clients say
Advice on pensions and investment. He provided professional and excellent advice. I am extremely happy with the advice I have received. What could they have done better? I have no complaints in fact the quality of service has exceeded my expectations. Norman, Midlothian August, 2015
Norman, Midlothian
Two reasons - I sold my business and had a sum to invest and my mother died and so received monies from sale of her house. He advised me how best to invest and build up my pension. Yes the investments he made brought an excellent rate of return and I know he keeps an eye on the market and makes changes as and when required. What could they have done better? No I don't think so. He conducts regular reviews and always responds timeously to e mail or telephone enquiries. He is also very clear in his explanations of actions and changes which he has foreseen. Jennie, Fife August, 2015
Jennie, Fife
A Trust set up by our two daughters' granny had a significant sum of money available for investment. He provided advice on how best to invest this sum and made all the necessary arrangements. The investments are proceeding just as we had hoped. What could they have done better? He did just what we required of him. Not being knowledgeable about investments, we are not in a position to make useful suggestions about what else could have been done. Ian, Fife August, 2015
Ian, Fife
Investment & Pension advice. By providing Investment & Pension advice. Things appear to be on track - I am happy. What could they have done better? Nothing. David has done and continues to do a great job for me. Scott, Midlothian August, 2015
Scott, Midlothian
To manage and provide advice for my pension and also my savings, and the savings of my children. David has managed my funds and provided sound advice on various equities and investment trust and funds to invest in, that fully match my age, aspirations and risk criteria. The value of my investments have grown beyond expectations and although there are still a few years to go before retirement, so far the results have been good. Derek, Midlothian August, 2015
Derek, Midlothian
I was looking to consolidate numerous work pensions that I had accrued over several years and manage them centrally. David suggested moving everything to the Nucleus platform which gave me a holistic view of the performance of the various funds and gave me the flexibility to make changes as I see fit. Yes, this is a simple interface which gives me a lot more control of my affairs. What could they have done better? Nothing, I am fully satisfied with the advice David gave me. Leigh, South Yorkshire August, 2015
Leigh, South Yorkshire
Original financial adviser retired business was transferred to James Hair re our meeting David. we feel our overall finances are much more organised and in good hands. very happy with all the advice and help we have received from David look forward to all future contacts. What could they have done better? more than happy at this present moment with Davids advice melville, Fife August, 2015
Melville, Fife
Having retired from the day to day running of my family business 5 years ago I required advice on how to get the best out of my savings, penson fund and SIPP. By giving me a range of srategies and options and explaining the levels of "risk and reward" in an easy to understand format. I continue to receive on going input into my overall asset position as does my wife. What could they have done better? I have thought about this but can't really see much room for improvement apart from the one everyone strives for........higher returns! Sandy, Fife August, 2015
Sandy, Fife
needed help with investments and pensions. greatly. sound and excellent advice. more or less. What could they have done better? very little ian, Perthshire August, 2015
Ian, Perthshire
Inheritance and pensions. David advised where best to place my inheritance, also on transfer of pension. Ongoing. What could they have done better? Nothing! David Arthur is patient, friendly and approachable - nothing is too much trouble. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Gillian, Cornwall August, 2015
Gillian, Cornwall
To find the best ways to invest for the family and retirement. Explanations were clear and many different options were suggested. On track for retirement - more consultation will be necessary in the very near future. What could they have done better? I have been happy with the service I have received - would recommend David Arthur to anyone Irene, Fife August, 2015
Irene, Fife
Investment of retirement fund. Advised and set up drawdown scheme. Retired. Yes. What could they have done better? Perfectly satisfied that he gave appropriate advice and guidance in setting up my scheme. Grant, Fife August, 2015
Grant, Fife
Required to help with funding property purchase through a SIPP and other pension requirements. Extremely helpful dealing with SIPP provider, the bank and in dealing with pension requirements. He continues to advise on pension matters and is doing an extremely good job. George, Angus August, 2015
George, Angus
About us

James Hair & Co. is a fully integrated accountancy and financial services practice. Established in 1980 the company currently employs 19 people. We have offices in Cupar and St Andrews in Fife however we deal with clients across the UK as well as in Europe and the United States. We are, and always have been, a fee based practice offering complete transparency to existing and potential clients.
Investment management , regardless of product wrapper, is at the heart of our offering. There are two key steps in our process - identification of the correct investment asset class followed by the selection of the appropriate investments within that class. Our philosophy is as follows -

- Focus on the medium to long term
- Place strong emphasis on capital protection
- Make simple, transparent and readily realisable investments
- Seek quality at all times with proven business models and sound balance sheets
- Identify themes and trends that will provide future growth

And this is our approach -

- Review global markets and developing economic trends on a monthly basis
- Evaluate Individual asset classes
- tailor investment selections based on individual risk profiles

We are Independent Financial Advisers

Our services

Investment management and personal financial planning is one of the core areas in which we specialise. Over the last 35 years we have developed a unique style and philosophy when is comes to the management of investment funds. By combining active and passive investment techniques our approach provides a means of coping with increasingly volatile market conditions. Whilst the product wrapper is relevant (ISA, Pension or General Investment Account) the asset allocation based on your objectives and appetite for risk is at the heart of our investment process. Our integrated tax services allows us to offer a complete service.

Where to find us
Head office address: James Hair & Co, 146 South Street, Fife, St. Andrews, KY16 9EQ
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