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Mr Christopher Clark
Independent Financial Adviser

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Mr & Mrs C
Having received an inheritance, we needed advice on how best to invest our money. Chris was extremely helpful, giving us advice on investments and tax-efficient savings. We have always found Chris...
Mrs R
Chris spent a lot of time making sure he understood my pension needs. I was really impressed, as my pension pot isn’t particularly large. I really felt he made sure I got the best advice. Chris...
Ms L
Chris worked through my financial status to provide clear guidance. Chris does what he says and provides a professional service. He goes above and beyond to meet his clients’ requirements and I am...
Mr B
I was very much in need of advice about my employer’s pension and was so pleased with the manner in which Chris conducted business with me, I recommended him to my elderly father. We were both...
Mrs B
I was concerned that the money in my bank account wasn’t earning any interest. Chris provided comprehensive and impartial advice in a completely non-pushy manner. He was very patient and spent a...
Mrs W
We were in the process of buying a house and very much needed clearer advice on insurance policies and mortgage protection. Chris explained everything in simple language and gave us...

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