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Financial Planning Director

An internationally recognised financial planning credential. The holder must demonstrate a combination of experience, financial qualifications (usually AFPC/DipPFS) or equivalent, an IFP assessment, ongoing educational activity (continuous professional development) and ethical behaviour.

This examination assesses a knowledge and understanding of the various pension products, the pension tax regime and retirement needs.

To achieve the Fellowship grade, individuals would be required to have 10 AFPC (Diploma) units or equivalent. This shows a commitment to continuous professional development.

In order to have completed this qualification, individuals were required to obtain three units. These could have been selected from any combination of the available units at that time but must have included the compulsory G10 unit - Taxation and Trusts.

To achieve the Associateship grade, individuals would be required to have 6 AFPC (Diploma) units or equivalent. This shows a commitment to continuous professional development.

Having achieved the APFS designation, advisers can go onto to achieve this recognisable benchmark of quality and ethical practice for financial services professionals, elevating financial planning and advice in the public eye to the same standing as other Chartered professions. The holder must demonstrate a combination of experience, financial qualifications, ongoing educational activity (continuous professional development) and ethical behaviour.

This examination enhanced general pension knowledge, particularly in pension transfers and opt-out business.

This qualification assesses a knowledge and understanding of the financial services industry, including regulation, legislation and the Code of Ethics.

To achieve DipPFS individuals must achieve 140 credits. At least 80 credits must be at Diploma or AFPC level.

This examination assesses the candidate to develop an understanding of the financial planning process when giving advice to clients.

Fellow members will have passed the Institute’s fellowship examinations and have demonstrated five years relevant experience.

This examination assesses a knowledge and understanding of the different types of equity release products, risks to the consumer associated with equity release and application of suitable equity release solutions according to the circumstances of different customers.

This examination assesses a knowledge and understanding of financial protection plans.

This qualification assesses a knowledge and understanding of the UK regulation environment in the financial services industry, long term care insurance products and the giving of long term care insurance advice.

This qualification enables professional advisers to develop specialist planning capabilities, covers topics like: personal tax and trust, business financial, pension and investment planning.

At the end of this unit candidates should be able to analyse and apply financial information and portfolio management skills

This exam accesses understanding of the features and risks of different securities, the structure and features of the securities market and relevant factors and considerations for appropriate investment recommendations.

This exam accesses understanding of the financial services industry including regulation and legislation.

This exam accesses understanding of the financial services industry, and its regulation, products and processes.

Certified Financial Planner Chartered Financial Planner Later Life Accredited Adviser
What our clients say
As a retired couple and clients for fourteen years we have found everyone at Wealth and Tax Management most helpful and friendly. It is reassuring to know our affairs are in such safe hands.
Alan, Leighton Buzzard
I have nothing but praise for his courtesy, efficiency and excellent advice. I have had no hesitation to recommend Wealth and Tax Management to several friends, who have been utterly satisfied with the services provided. The staff at Wealth and Tax Management could not be more helpful. I am delighted and thankful.
John, Olney
Having been made redundant at the age of 60, I wanted to make sure I could afford to retire at that age given the level of monies in my defined company pension scheme. I also wanted to transfer my company pension to someone who could advise me on its future investment and arrange appropriate drawdown if that was the best option for me to adopt. Hence, I needed the help of a financial advisor. After analysing my annual financial outgoings and my pension fund, Tony gave me the different options available to me. This information and the professional services Tony’s company offered convinced me that I was in safe hands choosing him to look after my pension fund savings. I am very happy with the outcome; my fund and its performance over the past 5 years has enabled me to continue the lifestyle I enjoyed prior to my retiring and my current pension savings are still in a healthy position for me to continue with the current lifestyle I wish to have. The setting up of wills and trusts through Tony have also safeguarded the fund for my children. Tony’s business has always been proactive in improving his services to his clients. Please believe me in my saying I am totally satisfied with the current level of service given to me.
Barry, Leighton Buzzard
I came to see Tony to take a lump sum from my pension. Tony helped me by giving me advice. So far, I have seen the outcome that I was hoping for (to some extent). In my opinion nothing could have been done better in this situation with regards to advice.
Sally, Milton Keynes
We have been using the services of Wealth & Tax Management since May 2000. In that time we have always felt extremely comfortable with the calm and measured advice offered. No matter what your attitude to risk might be W & TM have an appropriate strategy and with some products an approach we have not seen before. The advice we have been given in that time has been tested in good times and not so good, so can honestly say we have been delighted with the success of the strategies employed regardless of economic conditions. What we were looking for in our advisers was a pro active company that was also responsive to any query we had. W&TM have passed this test in no small measure. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to others and in fact have done so.
Ashley, Milton Keynes
I was introduced to Tony by my accountant after trying to look for a financial advisor. He helped me with investment advice and long term financial planning. In the future, I would prefer a simper annual review statement, however, overall, I am very pleased with the outcome.
Robin, Buckinghamshire
I came to see Tony to get help with: receiving inheritance monies from deceased parents / relatively complex number of small pensions / starting up a limited company and wishing to utilise benefits of being a director of said company. Tony helped with me with general advice, which involved short / medium and long term planning. With regards to the outcome I was hoping for, I think that we are in difficult times re investments, all appears ok as we speak, I am quite comfortable with having the bulk of my financial portfolio effectively under "one umbrella". I don't think anything better could have been done, we have face to face reviews whenever i ask ......his staff are very helpful and communicate well over the phone or by e-mail.
Paul, Milton Keynes
I needed a financial advisor to review my pensions as I had done nothing with them for the last 10 years. Tony helped me by taking all my pensions, savings and property in to account and coming up with a sound proposal to move forward, with options to retire at 60 and 65. All looks to be on track- I am very pleased so far!
Andrew, Milton Keynes
I came to see Tony as I had a promotion in my company, which meant I was earning a larger salary and bonus, so I needed advice on how to save for retirement. Tony helped me to transfer my pension from Standard Life to Parmenion and put my fixed assets (house) into a trust. So far, the outcome has been good but not brilliant. At this point nothing springs to my mind of what could have been done better.
Colin, Northamptonshire
We came to see Tony as my husband felt he needed expert advice in organizing his finances. Tony Byrne advised us with our matters. So far, I have been satisfied with the overall outcome.
Katharine, Buckinghamshire
I was coming to pension age and my husband had already used Tony Byrne previously, so I decided to use him too. Tony advised me on pensions, wills and long-term financial management, which is the outcome that I wanted.
Sue, Oxfordshire
I have been a client of Wealth and Tax Management for many years and know that whether I need complex pension planning advice or just some help with family insurance cover I will receive top-class, straightforward and great value advice and support. A great team!
Michael, London
I came to see Tony for current knowledge in financial planning and advice to benefit from tax changes. I received professional clear advice tailored to my circumstances. That was the outcome that I was hoping for and I am very happy with the service that Tony offers.
Victoria, Milton Keynes
I began looking for a financial advisor as I needed help with investments. Tony helped me simplify investment choices leading to an outcome I was hoping for. I do not think they could have done anything better; I am satisfied with the advice given.
Alan, Towcester
I had a private pension, but I was unsure what to do with it! Tony assisted with advise on how to grow the pension fund. He has also assisted with LPA's - Wills and prepaid funeral costs. I have seen the outcome that I was hoping for in all areas. I don’t think that much could have been done better, but some of the annual review information is a little daunting but we trust Tony and his team will always give us the best advise!
Roger, Milton Keynes
I was made redundant in 1999 and was looking for guidance on how best to invest my severance package and plan for my future pension plans. Tony helped me with all my financial arrangements and advised in all aspects of savings & investments. The suggestions made by Tony have been very beneficial and have met my needs. The adviser and his staff have all given a professional service and communication has been good, so I'm happy with everything provided.
Kevin, Oxfordshire
I came to see Tony to discuss previous Inheritance and for an annual review meeting. Tony gave me a general overview of present financial position. We discussed updating LPA's to make sure that are accurate and also we spoke about additional investments. Everything has been very positive so far.
Marjorie, Bedford
I came to Wealth & Tax as I wanted a better return on my pension. Tony helped with the process of transferring my pension. I have seen the right outcome, and nothing could have been done better. Everything was very clear.
Sarah, Milton Keynes
I had to set up a private pension out as my company did not provide one at the time, so I needed some professional advice. Tony has set up a private pension for me and has been looking after my pensions for the subsequent years. I am very happy with the profits made on the funds.
Rod, Buckingham
I came to W&T as I was encouraged by a friend to seek pension guidance. Tony looked after and monitored the fund and pension progress. So far, I am happy with outcome.
Joyce, Northampton
Tony was recommended to us by our previous adviser. We came to Wealth & Tax to get general advice from when I began work. Tony took control of our finances and recommended the best places to invest and we are definitely happy with the results. Nothing could have been done better and we are perfectly happy.
Sue and Chris, Milton Keynes
I came to see Tony just to know what to do with extra income. Tony showed me and explained the tax efficient ways of saving money through pensions. I am happy with the outcome as I have good returns on tax efficient savings.
Liam, Bedfordshire
I came to see Tony as I needed some advice as I wasn't up to date myself. Tony helped me with the investments and the pensions, also with Wills and LPAs. I have seen the right outcome (within reason). I am happy with the advice, so nothing could have been done better.
Graham, Milton Keynes
Basically, I had pensions pot and I wanted advice on how to make them earn more money. Tony helped me by giving me the advice that I needed and where he couldn't, he directed me to the relevant companies that could. I have achieved the outcome that I was hoping for.
Bob, Milton Keynes
I was going self-employed, so I was looking for some independent help and advice. Tony provided us with very helpful advice in areas on which we were unsure. We are happy with the outcome, so far we got what we were hoping for.
John, Buckingham
I had built up cash over time, so I wanted to get some advice on what to do with it. Tony gave me advice with regards to investments and so far I am happy with the results.
Howard, Northamptonshire
I contacted Tony as I wanted help with financial planning. I came into money and pensionable age. I wanted to leave the corporate world at 55. Tony helped me with reassurance that we won't run out of money. He also helped us build trust and financial rapport. I am happy with the outcome.
Jon, Buckinghamshire
In the mid eighties my husband went self employed. We needed advice regarding income tax, pensions and investments for planning for the future. Tony gave us excellent advice and assistance from the outset. We have been able to continue with a quality of lifestyle that we probably would not have received had we not followed his advice. We have had a positive outcome all the time with the ability to maximise the investments to our benefit. We do have trouble with security set up on the internet! We do however fully understand the need to be secure!
Jenny, Plymouth
I came to see Tony as I needed help with my intended early retirement and inheritance planning. Tony reviewed my retirement plans and my funding options. He helped me to have a better understanding of my retirement and investment options. I think it would help if documents were sent out in advance of the meeting, so the foundation of the meeting would be set prior to the meeting.
Michael, Bedfordshire
I was looking for a financial adviser - someone with expertise, who is much better at handling my investments than me. Tony has a calm head, backed by extensive knowledge of, and research of the way that the financial markets have performed. He has an impressive list of qualifications, and is a voracious reader in his field. Although I have a calm head (I think) I do not have the knowledge of the way markets perform to make anything sensible from my investments. I am hoping to see a huge return in my investments over the next 10 years as I look towards an income at an older age. That's not happening at the moment; we're in a mode to minimise losses, and I believe this has been achieved so far. At the time of writing, the markets are gripped by the coronavirus outbreak. I think that means a rather unique set of circumstances. I think at these times, cool, informed heads are needed, from those who have knowledge and expertise. I believe in listening to experts, and Tony gives me confidence in that respect. Wealth and Tax Management have always answered my questions and prodded me to take part in annual reviews. I trust them to get on with the job of managing my money in the best way possible. It's for that reason that I don't have any suggestions for things they could do better.
David, Bedfordshire
I wanted advice after divorce. I got help and advice and recommendations in a friendly way. I am happy with the outcome.
Gillian, Milton Keynes
I received a lump sum and wanted it to work. Tony recommended investments which are still ongoing. I am happy with the outcome so far.
Christine, Leighton Buzzard
Our circumstances have changed. The changes to our investments was accomplished in the nick of time. Tony listens really well and understands our family situation. More than that he really cares about our family. It's a pleasure to talk to him.
Jill, Northamptonshire
We had monies from retirement lump sum and from inheritance. Tony provided advice and set up a diverse range of portfolios for our investments. He has also provided advice on inheritance tax and set up POAs. We are happy with service we have been given.
Dawn, Buckinghamshire
I was previously using SJP as my advisor and their costs and returns were very poor.Tony helped switch my funds from SJP and advised me on the best strategy to adopt and my best risk level for my investments.
Andrew, Milton Keynes
I wanted help with the sale of my business. Tony advised on a suitable investment strategy and I am happy with the outcome.
Johnathan, Buckinghamshire
I was looking for a private pension provider about 30 years ago. I contacted Tony, and happily he has been doing an extremely good job for the past 3 decades - no complaints!Tony helped with Pension and Investments.I'm very happy with all of the services.
Rod, Buckinghamshire
I wanted to transfer a company pension to SIPP. Tony advised on returns and projections for retirement. He understood my situation and attitude to risk and advised accordingly.
Anne, Northamptonshire
I had several pension funds and needed to understand the best way to ensure a good pensionable income.Tony advised on the advantages of consolidating pensions to meet my personal requirements for flexibility. I can now enjoy my early retirement.
Kristina, Milton Keynes
I wanted advice on how to invest and plan for the future. Tony firstly encouraged me to start a pension and join my works pension scheme. He regularly tells me when it's best to move my money to different funds and why. I feel financially secure.
Susan, Herts
About us

We are a firm of Chartered Financial Planners and wealth managers. We specialise in tax efficient asset management, estate planning and lifetime cashflow planning for wealthy private individuals.

We are particularly good at advising on complex areas such as pensions (including final salary pension schemes), tax efficient investments, Inheritance Tax mitigation schemes and wills and trusts.

Our target clients are aged 40+ , have an average investment and/or pension of at least £250K and total wealth of £1m-£3m.

Our services

We build long term trusting relationships with clients and help them to build, maintain and retain their wealth for the rest of their lives and for their family. We are particularly skilled at advising on pensions and investments. We are adept at minimising the effects of taxation especially Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax.

Where to find us
Head office address: 17 Shirwell Crescent, Furzton Lake, Shirwell Crescent, Furzton Lake, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK4 1GA
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Last authorised 14th June 2021

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