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Last authorised 25th May 2020
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Syed Kazmi

This qualification assesses a knowledge and understanding of the UK regulation environment in the financial services industry, mortgage products, repayment options and the giving of mortgage advice.

What our clients say
I was looking to refinance a property and also sought general advice around my finances. Mr Kazmi was professional and extremely knowledgeable in assisting me and outlining all the options available to me. Having worked with a number of finance professionals previously I found Mr Kazmi's service outstanding, everything went to plan and exactly as explained and advised by Mr Kazmi. Literally could not fault or change any element of the service.
Behzad Lasi, Stanmore
I have worked with Syed for a number of years. Most recently, Syed helped me refinance 6 mortgages in one go and got me the best deal available. I was affected by the recent PRA changes and had no idea I wasn’t able to simple remortgage as I had done in the past and as a result I needed an adviser who understood the inner working of Mortgages and was fully up to date with regulations as well as being able to get me the best deal! Extremely Happy.
Vipin Kumar Shah Shah, Harrow
Having recently purchased a property I wanted to see if I have adequate protection in place to protect my home and income so if the worst happened or if I lost my job I would still be able to continue making mortgage payments. Syed introduced himself, outlined his services and guided me through each stage. He provided me with a competitive quote. Syed spent time getting my full understanding which is why I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Darwin Delahaye, Kent
A recent family event had prompted me to approach Syed who has been highly recommended. Syed has helped to provide sound professional and impartial advice. He helped to understand my needs and was able to highlight areas of interest and find practical solutions from a range of suppliers. I can easily say the outcome has over exceeded my expectations and it would be difficult to find any fault with Syed. I’m very happy and will continue to use his services.
Zak Ashraf, Southgate, London
I have recently used Syed's services after being recommended by a family member. My main mortgage was due for review and after meeting Syed not only was I able to secure a much cheaper rate but I also discovered my buy to lets were not tied into a deal so I was able to review them also and secure an even better rate across my portfolio. The whole process was effortless, and from the outset Syed kept me updated at each stage right until each mortgage completed. I am beyond happy with Syed's services and we have already booked in our next meeting to review my other properties.
Vishal Shah, Kenton, Harrow
Syed helped me save over £1200 per month on my mortgage! I was having a review when Syed noticed my mortgage payments of over £2000 per month showing on my statement and immediately questioned this, and quite rightly so! After the review, we realised the rate was 5.99%. Straight away Syed was able to take control and managed to secure a rate of 1.79% fixed for 2 years! Still can't believe I'm now saving over £1200 per month!
Naeem Zaidi, Epsom, Surrey
I was looking to re-mortgage my home and decided to look for someone who was able to provide me with the best rate and great service. After speaking to Syed this exactly what I got, the best rate and great service! Syed sourced me a great fixed rate mortgage and while completing his review offered me an unbeatable home insurance quote which saved even more money. The process was relatively straightforward and I highly recommend his services. I’m very happy and can honestly say Syed was very helpful and communication was regular throughout - I was informed by phone and email at all times.
Jules Cassen, Hertfordshire
I needed financial advise as I wanted to buy a property. Syed helped me as he is really knowledgeable on all aspects of the home buying process. He was always available to answer my questions and never to busy. I really felt like Syed was trying to get the best deal for me and understood my personal circumstances. The experience was personalised to what I wanted and what was important to me. Even after initial conversations and suggestions of which provider to go with Syed still kept an eye out for new deals available and got me a better deal than what was available on day one. The outcome was definitely what I hoped for. Honestly, I don’t feel Syed could have done anything differently. I was really happy with the whole experience and would definitely use him again.
Laura Costi, London
I was looking for mortgage advice and needed help getting better deals with a cheap mortgage. I am very happy with outcome that was reached as Syed did a great job!
Vasantkumar Patel, London
I was looking to remortgage my properties from a portfolio and so I went to Syed for his guidance and advise. Through his great service he found us a better deal than we had before. The outcome was definitely what we hoped for and better. Syed couldn't have done done anything better. He was very professional and communicated any progress and updates frequently and effectively.
Abbas, London
I needed help with my investments and so seeked the help of Syed due to his standing as a financial adviser. He helped me with my mortgage and I am 100% happy with my current situation now.
Suresh Pindoria, London
I did not know what help I needed until I came across Syed who explained everything I required for my situation and helped me through it. He is very professional in his job and provided me an excellent service. The outcome I hoped for is possible due to him. He is very polite and explained everything clearly, and found the best deal for me.
Zekira Hamed, North London
I needed help to buy a new home and so I seeked out Syed. Syed helped us find the best mortgage option for us and assisted along the whole process which made it smooth and easy for us. Thanks to him we received our mortgage and have our new home. He gave us a perfect service.
Priyanka Thakor, London
I needed help with my financial planning and Syed helped me with all aspects of this. The situation I am in right now is definitely one I want to be in. Syed couldn't have done anything else, his services were the best.
Kiran Khatri, London
I was looking for a mortgage and needed advice on a solution which best fitted my circumstance. I wanted to be dealt with like a human being rather than a number,hence approached Syed who dealt in an impartial and honest manner. My current situation is a great one thanks to him. Syed couldn't have done much more to help me.
Frank Attoh, London
I needed help to remortgage my house to release equity to settle my divorce. He was very professional. He was keen to understand my circumstances without being pushy. He advised me clearly in terms I could easily understand. The outcome I desire should hopefully be out very soon. Syed covered all aspects extremely professionally.
Claire Rockett, Central London
I needed help with my mortgage purposes as I was a first time buyer. Syed was very professional and took me to through the best possible methods. I am happy with the outcome of his services and there couldn't have been more that he could have done.
Abdul Hotaki, London
I need help to buy my new home. Syed helped me securing a residential mortgage and my current situation is now possible due to all his help.
Ali Huseyin, North West London
I needed help to fix my mortgage and so I went to Syed. His services and help were excellent. He gave me very good advice on both my mortgage and health insurance suited to my needs.
Roheel Khan, Harrow
We needed help getting our first mortgage and so I approached Syed. He provided honest advice, by seeking the best deal for us and guiding us throughout. We are very happy with our current situation thanks to him.
Vishali Patel, London
I was in the market looking for Life and Home Insurance for myself and my Wife. Syed found us a great life insurance policy ensuring we had adequate cover should the worst happen. Syed also helped us purchase our home and contents policy. Syed was very responsive to us and was always available to answer any questions. He firstly established our requirements and then provided solutions accordingly. We then worked through and tweaked the policies balancing both our requirements with our budget. Syed has extensive knowledge of the market and gave us some sound advise. Syed should continue his attentive approach. It's nice to speak to an adviser that actually listens to what you want rather than one that pushes their own agenda. Syed is great at understanding your requirements and solutioning accordingly . Thank you for your assistance.
Syed Haider, London
I needed a mortgage and Syed arranged advised me on this. The result was great. What he could have done extra was buy me a box of chocolates.
Sean, London
I needed help with my retirement planning. Syed offered professional independent advice in respect of this. My situation is very much what I wanted and he couldn't have helped me in any other way.
Christy, London
I required help with mortgage applications. Syed found s a lender and helped with all the paperwork and made the process a lot easier. The result was great and I am very happy with it.
Priyanka Thakor, London
My fixed term mortgage was about to expire and I wanted to get a new mortgage. This is why I went to Syed. He found me a good deal and he renewed on good terms. Very happy with the service.
Riaz, London
I needed help with my mortgage and he found the best deal for us. The outcome was exactly what we had hoped for.
Hemal Pandya, London
I am the BDM for NatWest. Syed helped his client by appealing a valuation that was given a lower value, he managed to get this overturned and the case agreed for his client as the original borrowing amount. His situation is what he wanted and Syed did all he could to help.
Harvey Bishop, London
Mortgage renewal was the reason I went to Syed. He was very helpful and found me a good interest rate and low monthly outgoing. Couldn't have asked for anything better.
Feroz, London
I needed help purchasing my first home and Syed provided support and management from start to finish. My situation is better than I could have hope for and he couldn't have done anything better.
Hema, Harrow
I had difficulty in getting finance and Syed arranged everything and got us the mortgage. My situation is much better and I couldn't have asked for better advice.
Jai Patel, London
I needed help with a Re-mortgage to release equity. Syed found a lender to do the re-mortgage and it was a seamless process. I am happy with the result and there were no concerns in the process.
Aid, Harrow
I needed help to find the best deal available suited to my needs. Syed provided a excellent overview of the options and kept us closely involved at all stages throughout the process . His communication with my wife and I as the client was exemplary and he worked tirelessly to get us the best deal for our remortgage. We are happy with the result and there no concerns in the regards process.
Ben Thurlow, East London
I required a mortgage and approached Syed. He was very professional throughout the process, and kept me up to date. He secured my BTL mortgage, that enabled me to purchase a new property in the timescales required. I am happy with the result.
John, London
I needed a mortgage for a property I wanted to purchase, so I went to Syed. He walked me through the process, explained any technical jargon, gave me advice and kept on top of everyone involved to make the process go as smoothly and quickly as possible. I have received the result I desired and I received a mortgage that suited me and was able to buy a property. He was very helpful all round.
George, London
I needed to remortgage my property. Syed helped me by finding solutions to all my problems. We managed to achieve our end goal with the help of his advice
Shailesh, Greater London
I was a first time buyer of a property in the UK. Syed Kazmi was responsive with quotes and advice on the market options available tailored to my needs. He has met my expectations and he couldn't have done a better job.
Trushar Patel, Harrow
I needed a remortgage of residential property and buy-to-lets. Syed made the process very smooth thanks to his clear communication, patience and enthusiasm. The outcome so far is great and wherever there are difficulties, Syed puts in the effort to achieve the best result and keep his customer satisfied.
Shakil, Harrow
I was looking for the best mortgage offers on the market and Syed was able to find the best offer for our needs. Syed was able to search the market and find the best value for money on our mortgage. We have indeed reached the point we wanted to reach.
Ahmad, London
We needed to remortgage and borrow more money to start renovations. Syed was so efficient at finding the best rates and sorting out the capital borrowed. He did all the hard work and kept in contact with us throughout the whole process. We are very happy with the service Syed provided. We actually cannot fault our service. If anything Syed was more efficient than us!
Christina, London
We were looking for a mortgage and Syed Kazmi got us mortgage. We are happy with the outcome.
Kuldeep Khaneja, Harrow
We wanted to purchase a new house. Syed helped us with three mortgages. He went above and beyond his role every time we needed his help. Syed happily answered all our questions and thoroughly explained the process, patiently. We have reached our desired outcome. We are very happy with Syed and have no constructive suggestions.
Yogesh, Harrow
We wanted to buy our first property and Syed gave us general advice re purchasing our first property. Set up mortgage and liaised with other stakeholders when we requested in a timely manner. Syed has always been helpful. He has replied to our queries quickly and given us confidence to proceed with our purchase.
Ashmeela, London
I was planning on buying a house and did not want to deal with the stress of applying for a mortgage. Syed took us through the steps bit by bit making the whole transaction very smooth and stress free The service provided was better than expected. Can’t think of a smoother way to way to carry out a mortgage transaction.
Toseef, London
We were looking for a new mortgage. Syed found us a new mortgage deal. We saved quite a bit of money. He couldn't have done anything better.
Kelly, London
We wanted to remortgage our BTL property. Syed was polite, punctual and professional. He advised on various Mortgage Products available. He was available to answer questions and assist in any way required. I don't think he could have done anything more.
Antonio, London
I was in the process of purchasing a property. The completion of my property was being held up due to lack of an insurance policy. Syed took care of this matter in it's entirety and found me the best deal in a short amount of time - allowing me to complete on my purchase and saved me from incurring further costs. The outcome was better than what I was expecting as I was very short of time.
Rizwan, Harrow
Sought remortgage advice following my own coming up for renewal. He assisted in obtaining mortgage options. We have reached a good outcome and he was on call and hand whenever needed, explained in detail the process.
Nieki, London
We wanted a mortgage. It was a first attempt to a second buy to let and got accepted within a week with the offer , great quality of work .. words can't explain how much he helped .... Outcome was more than expected , got the offer within a week , kept us updated with each and every bit of work , and kept our hopes high .... What could they have done better? It was all upto the standard , nothing more could’ve been done ...
Nonu, Harrow
As first time buyers we were unsure and a little nervous about the end to end mortgage process. A relative who had used Syed before recommended him to us. The whole process was very smooth. Syed ensured we were aware of exactly what needed to be done and provided us with clear details of what was needed from us and completed all actions from his end promptly. His team was efficient and accurate in answering all our questions. Yes, we got a better mortgage product than we had expected.
Fatima, London
We needed help with a mortgage application and he helped us find a mortgage. We successfully obtained our mortgage.
Marc, Harrow
I needed a new property purchase and a remortgage. Syed advised on best possible products available on the current market and one's that would meat my personal circumstances. Both applications where spot on and managed to secure the amount of monies required. Was openly able to contact Syed by both phone and email and you would always get a prompt reply back. I am happy with the result.
Milan Varsani, Harrow
I needed to re mortgage, get a better rate. Syed secured a goodd interest rate, was very helpful in explaining process. As I work shift and long days, Syed was very accommodating and flexible with day and time of appt. Syed was accessible via mobile and email and always replied promptly. He was very personable and gave good explanation as to what was involved in the process.
Noreen Galvin, London
I was looking for a better deal on my current mortgage. He was able to find me a great deal, I have always seen Syed over the years to arrange my mortgage and his knowledge and professional way of making the journey painless is great. Definitely happier with the finished product. Happy with everything he arranged for me.
Hamil Patel, Harrow
About us

At Mortgage & Life we pride ourselves on the reliable, forward-thinking and trustworthy advice we provide to our customers. We help customers navigate the options available to them through clear information and guidance, this, in turn, enables them to understand their choices and make informed decisions.

Mortgage & Life offers mortgage and protection advisory services which are tailored to protect your home and meet your individual and family needs. We have over 8 years’ experience in helping a wide range of customers from first time buyers to multiple let landlords. Our many customers are at the heart of everything we do – we aim to get it right time and that’s why many of our customers wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Our services

Getting the right mortgage for you is what I do and I do it well. I know what’s involved and therefore I take it upon myself to work closely with the agents and solicitors to ensure we get everything completed on time.

•As an existing client, I offer a free mortgage renewal service every time your mortgage is up for review so you're always getting the best rate both now and in the future.

•Residential Mortgages
•Buy to Let Mortgages
•First Time Buyers
•Professional landlords with 4+ BTL’s
•Life Insurance and Critical IIlness

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Head office address: Prestige Homes, 8 Station Parade, Kenton Lane, Belmont Circle, Harrow, Greater London, HA3 8SB
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Last authorised 25th May 2020

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