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Response rating
FCA authorised
Last authorised 29th November 2021
Meet our advisers
MRS Sofie Collins
Senior Mortgage Consultant CeMap (certificate in mortgage advice and practice)

This qualification assesses a knowledge and understanding of the UK regulation environment in the financial services industry, mortgage products, repayment options and the giving of mortgage advice.

MRS Carol Brown
Principal Mortgage Consultant Cert PFS Cert CII (MP & ER)

This qualification assesses a knowledge and understanding of the UK regulation environment in the financial services industry, lifetime mortgage products, repayment options and the giving of mortgage advice.

This examination assesses a knowledge and understanding of the different types of equity release products, risks to the consumer associated with equity release and application of suitable equity release solutions according to the circumstances of different customers.

This qualification assesses a knowledge and understanding of the UK regulation environment in the financial services industry, mortgage products, repayment options and the giving of mortgage advice.

This qualification assesses a knowledge and understanding of the financial services industry, including regulation, legislation and the Code of Ethics.

What our clients say
I wanted to improve my mortgage deal and wanted to ensure I was able to secure the best product on the market for my circumstances. I was referred to Carol by a long term managing agent and I am so glad he did. Carol is pro active, efficient, excellent at keeping me informed and made sure she was either available even on vacation or ensured some one else was well informed as temporary cover.
Imran, London
Carol was able to help us obtain a re-mortgage on our property very promptly with choice, I was very impressed how Carol was able to target the right mortgage providers to meet our particular needs with favorable interest rates in short a space of time. We were very pleased with the outcome.
Mauro, Oxford
Carol Brown provided the most fantastic service ever - over and above what anybody could reasonably expected.
Greg, Whitstable
Carol totally understood what product we were looking for and our financial circumstances and found an excellent repayment mortgage for us to change to.Carol explained all aspects and the costs involved with coming out of our current mortgage and there were no surprises.It was a very efficient process and she was clear from the outset in terms of what we would need to provide which ensured the process was completed very efficiently.
Samantha, Bristol
Carol understood our needs, gave us a number of options and explained the pros and cons of each. Carol was able to help us find the ideal solution for our circumstances.
Emma, Didcot
Carol, after a very professional and extensive review of our financial circumstances arranged a very suitable mortgage for us and ensured that we had sufficient insurance cover. She arranged a mortgage protection policy plus a whole of life policy, at our request, to cover any unforeseen requirements in the future.
David, Surbiton
Carol was brilliant at understanding our needs out of a mortgage and finding us the right one. We could never have managed without her brilliant expertise and knowledge of the market.
Hamish, Newbury
Very accessible, broke everything down so it was clear, easy to understand. Saved me a lot of time and hassle regarding paperwork, and organisation. Most important thing was getting me a much better deal than i found elsewhere, while also making myself and my wife extremely comfortable. We have used her previously for a remortgage, and have just recently used her services for a buy to let mortgage and a house move. She has been very available through out the process, which has been extremely rushed to achieve completion before the end of april. She has also communicated perfectly with my solicitor. She also visited our house to run through our mortgage protection insurance that we wanted and help break everything down for myself and my wife. She has saved us an awful lot of time and effort which has been extremely helpful as we have also recently had a baby and a house move is extremely stressful at this time.
Steve, Newbury
Carol made, what was to me a very daunting task, seem easy. She spent a long time explaining all the implications.
Jane, Newbury
I was very pleased with the outcome.Carol is very responsive and provides a service I would recommend to others. I am a Finance Director myself but would still recommend Carol as her specialist knowledge is excellent.
Peter, Camberley
I initially was referred to Carol to help with a re-mortgage, but I have now been using her services for about 8 years for mortgages, finance restructuring and personal insurance and protection.Carol helped restructure loans and significantly reduce my monthly outgoings, bringing my finances back into control. Carol was able to understand the requirements I had and offer several suitable solutions for loans and Mortgages to suit my requirements and budget.Apart from regular review of my mortgage and continued reductions on my mortgage spend, over the years I have been using Carol's services my credit rating has improved from Poor to Excellent, she has helped me structure y finances around my changing requirements as we have moved and the family has grown up.Carol is always on top of the mortgage market, and offers up excellent advice and guidance.
Alastair, Newbury
Carol has always gone that extra mile to resolve any issues which arise to get the end result desired. I would not consider going to anyone else.
Catherine, Wiltshire
We got clear advice, made a decision and had help making it all happen. Provided options, revised them based on our requests. Advised and explained around different ways to reduce mortgage terms. Helped us understand how much we could borrow in different ways.
Miriam, Stockbridge
Carol was fantastic at talking me through the whole process. She was able to sort out what was not a straight forward house purchase. I was able to move in to my first home with confidence that I had the best deal.Carol was always able to organize everything so I was getting the best option for my situation. This has meant that I have now been able to pay off my mortgage just as Carol had planned it out for <url hidden>munication was excellent, attention to detail and overall customer service was fantastic. I really felt that Carol had my best interests at heart.
Adrian, Leicester
We visited Carol at a time we were facing falling income and contemplating selling our property. We had an idea of selling an existing property and purchase another which involved having to find a new mortgage.First of all, we wanted to know the likelihood of us securing a new mortgage. Carol assessed our case based on information we provided and although our circumstances did not make it any easier but in the end we managed to achieve our goal.We are really grateful for all the professional advice and support offered by Carol throughout the period.
Mary, Newbury
Carol's service levels are second to none!
Jane, Newbury
Carol Brown was very helpful in getting us to understand our needs and future needs which eventually led to us taking out various plans. Carol Brown covered everything that we needed so I'm not sure there was anything she could have done better.
Alexis, Winchester
Carol has now found me 4 Mortgages , and has helped me to expand my property portfolio .Carol Helped me find the right product when buying my family home my partner did not have a great credit rating however she found us the right product. All of my goals have been reached with the help of Carol and hope to buy further properties shortly.
Adrian, Wolverhampton
Carol did everything and more to assist us. We could not have asked for better advice/service. Before making our final decision Carol went through everything again to make sure that we were completely clear and understood the contract. Before making our final decision Carol went through everything again to make sure that we were completely clear and understood the contract. Carol is a delightful person to deal with, she showed a professional interest in us and our requirements. Carol is a delightful person to deal with, she showed a professional interest in us and our requirements.
Julian, Basingstoke
Brilliant advice and plenty of options provided.
Stuart, Tadworth
Excellent advice, support and a very professional mortgage adviser.
Stuart, March
I had used Carol's advice couple of times at the time of buying the house and also during the re-mortgage. In both cases she has given the excellent advise in terms of providing the right facts based on my circumstances.
Rohit, Reading
I have re-mortgaged 3 times in 5 years, and Carol has handled them all really well and successfully. Found not just the best options, took time to discuss and make sure I understood fully, and did not rush, but helped me carry on with my own work, had complete trust in what she provided, she also made sure it fitted within my budgets.
Simon, Solihul
Recommendations were extremely effective and Carol displayed a quality of persistence and industry during the entire process from first contact to completion of business. I have, to date, obtained 3 separate contracts with major lenders and all have been negotiated by Carol to secure a very affordable rate of interest.My financial requirements were somewhat different from the mainstream - Carol was the only adviser who was able to offer a solution.
Robert, Glencoe
Carol was very thorough and professional in listening to my needs, seeking suitable options and discussion the suitability of them. I am really pleased with the mortgage deal I got and will use Carol Brown when I need to review my mortgage at the end of its fixed term.
Gill, Newbury
Carol was able to get me a very good mortgage deal. Carol could not have done anything better
Claire, Newbury
After a meeting with Carol she worked very hard finding us the best mortgage for us and handled everything Very quickly and efficiently. I can't think of a reason where the outcome would have been better.
Donna, Malmesbury
perfect service!
Paul, Hook
Carol was extremely professional, gave us some excellent advice and has kept in touch.
Jan, Newbury
Carol was quick to reply, really helpful, really friendly. She put us at ease and made us feel confident we were in great hands!
Hailey, Newbury
In our view the service offered was excellent.
Fred, Tadley
Carol was able to offer the best advice and when there were difficulties found what the problems were quickly and was extremely helpful.
Fred, Tadley
Carol researched the market and provided good advise and a choice of products.Carol did all that we asked.
Cliff, Abingdon
Carol is very attentive to detail. I could not be more pleased with her service. It meant that I could buy my house when finding a supportive lender on my own would have been very difficult.
Laurence, Reading
Carol was brilliant. She has extensive knowledge and a way with people that enables her to give a "personal touch" and explain the very complex market of mortgages in a very easy way.I found her experience invaluable.
Lucy, Hungerford
From the beginning Carol was friendly and helpful. Carol assessed our needs and found the most suitable mortgage for us. Carol can also help with various protection and insurances.
Steve, Aylesbury
There is nothing she could have done better as she was quick with responding to my requests. She provided a complete breakdown of her services and the outcomes of making my financial decisions. She was attentive and i was able to get in touch with her at any time.
Jean, Witney
Carol was very proactive liaising between our accountant to meet the mortgage co's requirements.
Chris, London
She took her time listening to my requirements and came back with some good options. Her level of service and communication has been good. Very. She's responsive too. Highly recommend her.
Jennifer, Newbury
Carol was a great help. She clearly explained the steps I would need to take and walked me through the pitfalls of my first house purchase. It was all very straightforward.
James, Lutterworth
We really appreciated Carols help and at every step she informed us exactly what was happening. Everything was done in a timely way.
Marvin, Newbury
Understood our situation and what we were trying to achieve with our house move.Enabled us to maximise our borrowing to secure a mortgage which was affordable for us on a monthly basis.
Jenny, Newbury
Carol reviewed my situation thoroughly, then explained in clear language the options open to me. After a decision was made on the best way forward she prepared a couple of proposals for me to consider. She not only clearly explained her fees, but also estimated the likely fees that would be charged by the solicitors, the surveyor and the Mortgage providers.
Julia, Hungerford
Carol gave us excellent advice and talked us through the process of getting a mortgage and protection in simple, easy to understand, terms.
Jo, Newbury
Thorough advice, lots of communication and being very friendly. Carol was also very responsive and worked hard for us to get the deals we wanted.
Johnathan, Thatcham
My wife and I are very happy with the advice that we received from Carol. Without her support, I think we may well have struggled to understand the products available on the market at the time. We will use Carol again in the future.Genuinely, I would struggle to find any fault or area for improvement in the service I received from Carol. Her advice was first class, and I found her to always be approachable, friendly and professional.
Royston, Reading
Carol, after understanding my objectives and financial position, used her undoubted knowledge to explain the alternatives that were available. She also took time to explain why other ideas I had were not viable. Having arrived at the solution that was best suited to me she was then able to find a mortgage deal that was better than any I could find on comparison websites. Carol kept me informed every step of the way and provided clear documentation and explanations.
Bob, Newbury
she is very good at her job.
Ray, Newbury
Carol was friendly from the get go, after sending her all the information she needed sh started the search for the best mortgage for my circumstances. She searched multiple of banks and building societies finding the best rate for me. She kept me up to date with her findings and advised me on several aspects of the process I didn't know about. After she found the right mortgage for me she kept the estate agent and solicitors up to date with what was happening, again keeping me up to date with everything. After everything had gone through she checked up to make sure everything was ok and that she had done everything possible to help me.It should also be worth nothing that when I first contact Carol I was worried she might not be able to help due to that fact I was nearly 200 miles away from where she was based. However she assured me that she be happy to help and we did everything through emails and phone calls. I had contacted her because she had been recommended by my cousin who had previously used her.I am now living in my own home with a great mortgage that I couldn't have got if not for Carol's help.Carol was fantastic from the contacting of her to see if she could help to the picking up of my keys from the estate agent when everything had gone through. I do not think there was anything she could have done better.
Graham, Beverly
she was amazing and very helpful.
Sally, Reading
Carol was fantastic, she took on board my situation and found the best offer for me. For me Carol couldn't have done anything better. She has since been at the end of the phone whenever I have called.
Jane, Newbury
Carol was very helpful in identifying my requirements, finding several suitable products and helping the renewal process,.I found her advice very helpful, including follow up questions. I was entirely happy with the service offered and can offer no suggestions for improvement.
Tony, Newbury
Carol dealt with everything providing a hassle and stress free time.
Gemma, York
Superb advice, options and great customer service.
Craig, newbury
Carol, from the minute I stepped in the door didn't judge me on my previous mistakes that I felt many other advisors I had visited previously had done. Everything was explained to me in great detail advise was given to sort my situation out and for a review a few months to take place. I made all the changes that had been recommended and ultimately it paid off. Carol was always willing to help and take time out to meet with me even potentially at that time to not necessarily get any deals out of it. Once it looked more positive it wasn't an issue to review everything once again with both me and my partner. The most important factor that Carol offered me was her time and knowledge. Carol was very flexible with her time and was always on hand to answer any questions we had and still have. We have our dream home we ended up with slightly more of a mortgage than we thought we could get but not stretching ourselves. Carol was clear on what we could get and what was realistic to live with and we are not comfortable in going forward. Insurance / Protection was made very clear to us and everything was explained in great detail. We wouldn't be in the property that we are if it wasn't for Carol! Can not recommend highly enough.
Emma, Newbury
Carol was efficient and highly professional. Her advice was well reasoned and we have high levels of confidence in her.
Sarah, Swindon
About us

Carol Brown & Sofie Collins are independent, whole of market Mortgage Brokers. Carol has run First Choice Mortgage Company, formerly Your First Mortgage Co for over 13 years and our new sister Company, Your Equity Release Options for nearly two. Providing clear honest and ethical independent mortgage advice is paramount to what we do.

For both Mortgages and Equity Release (via a lifetime mortgage), before any application, we offer at our cost, a Mortgage Feasibility Review, considering your current financial situation, your aims and objectives, your budget and priorities. The report will show you the feasibility of achieving those objectives. The Report contains real time research and sets out full details of the mortgage including the benefits and all costs, e.g. set up fees payable to the lender, and forms the basis for going forward. You can then decide if your plans are appropriate for you at this time.

The Feasibility Review approach resulted in 98.23% of all mortgage applications being successful in 2020, the smallest loan being £39,000, the largest £1,650,000.

Our services

We are very proud to be involved in personal life events, whether working with first time buyers taking their first steps on the 'housing' ladder, home movers as well as the older generation, helping improve their later life experience.

A very sensitive area in which we also offer help, is to those who are going through the turmoil of divorce or separation.

With every mortgage we arrange, we undertake a comprehensive Protection Review to inform you of how you and your family can be financially secure in the event of long term or critical illness, premature death or income loss.

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Head office address: Queen Anne House, 35 Oxford Street, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 1JG
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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Response rating
FCA authorised
Last authorised 29th November 2021

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