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Solicitor Judicare Legal Services Ltd, Suite 3A, The Grange, Codicote Road, Welwyn, Hertfordshire, AL6 9LY
UK based firm of international solicitors that offers specialist advice and recovery action for investors with overseas property disputes.
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Peter Esders
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Judicare Legal Services Ltd, Suite 3A, The Grange, Codicote Road, Welwyn, Hertfordshire, AL6 9LY

About us

We are a leading international property law firm providing clients with specialist global legal advice related to investments in property and land overseas.

In addition to assisting clients recover their money when things regrettably go wrong we can also help clients do things correctly in the first place. We provide specialist legal guidance in order to safely buy property abroad as well as advising on issues such as the drafting of foreign Wills and foreign Inheritance. With vast experience of timeshare we can help to cancel purchase contracts and assist with increasing maintenance costs.

We understand that our clients want the confidence of knowing their affairs are being looked after by a company with a personal interest in their story, who understand and have extensive experience in the issues facing them in a foreign jurisdiction.

With our legal headquarters in the UK and international expertise worldwide, our outlook is broad, catering for a variety of property investment problems effectively and efficiently.

We can assist with legal issues in a wide range of countries including Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Poland, Barbados, Bahamas, Egypt, Morocco, Cape Verde, USA, Dominican Rep, Turks and Caicos, the U.A.E and Brazil.

Our services

Should the need arise for a client to pursue litigation overseas we aim to provide a tailored individual service that is always upfront and honest about the likelihood of any case being successful.

We try wherever possible to secure a fixed fee basis so clients are able to budget effectively and with certainty in what can be an uncertain step for them into a foreign legal system.

With a long and proven track record of successfully recovering client’s funds via international courts or through negotiated settlements, we are able to represent both individual claimants and larger groups of investors.

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We are a unique firm of solicitors. We are based in the UK and as such are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). We are also members of the Law Society which means that clients have the protection and comfort of dealing with a UK firm of Solicitors, with all the regulation that comes with it, even though their legal issue may be outside of the UK.

As a firm of UK Regulated Solicitors we are covered by professional indemnity insurance (PI Insurance). In the UK, Solicitors currently have to have a minimum of £3 million worth of cover per claim, regardless of their claims record. In some countries there is actually no legal requirement to have professional indemnity insurance. In other countries the minimum level required is significantly less than the UK. It is only recently that Spain, for example, required their lawyers to take out PI Insurance and even then it can be as low as €18,000. Therefore if a Spanish Abogado with the minimum amount of cover makes a negligent mistake they will only have insurance that covers them up to the amount of €18,000 per claim, whereas a UK Solicitor will have cover up to £3million.
In Portugal the minimum level of PI Insurance is €250,000 per claim. In Cyprus the minimum level of cover is €170k per claim. In Brazil there is no legal requirements to take out PI Insurance. Please note that the “foreign” figures mentioned are in Euros and therefore there is a bigger difference than it initially appears.

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