Value of Advice

The whole point of taking financial advice is to get back more than you put in. Every year we carry out consumer research to try and measure the net benefits of seeing a financial adviser. How do the rewards weigh up against the costs? We call this the value of advice.

The many different kinds of value

The value that comes from financial advice may take numerous different forms, including:

  • Return on investment
    Getting back more money than you invested, including the cost of the advice
  • Future security
    Ensuring you will have enough income in later life (e.g. pension planning)
  • Peace of mind
    Knowing you have made the best practical choices and obtained the best deals the market has to offer you
  • Protection
    Making sure you and your family have safeguards in place against unfortunate circumstances (e.g. illness, job loss, premature death)
  • Achieving goals
    Overcoming challenges and reaching milestones (e.g. finding the right mortgage for your dream home)
  • Avoiding mistakes
    Reducing the risk of making financial decisions you regret, or falling victim to fraud
  • Opportunities
    Discovering new and unexpected ways to make your money work harder for you

Show me the money!

See the hard figures behind the value of advice on our Statistics page.