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Wedding public liability insurance: do I need a policy?

4 mins read
by Lisa-Marie Voneshen
Last updated Wednesday, July 3, 2024

If you’re getting hitched, one of the last things you’ll want to think about is insurance, but it could offer financial protection. We explore what public liability insurance is and why it’s worth considering. 

When you’re getting married, it’s easy to overlook the importance of insurance, especially when you have the venue, wedding dress and rings to think about on top of everything else. 

However, having the right insurance policy could offer financial protection and peace of mind if the unexpected happens. 

We take a look at public liability insurance and explain why it’s worth considering if you’re planning on tying the knot. 


  • Public liability insurance is useful as it protects you against legal claims for injuries or property damage.  

  • Wedding venues may require you to have public liability insurance. 

  • While some wedding insurance policies may include public liability cover, you may need to add it on or get a separate policy.  

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What is public liability insurance? 

Public liability insurance covers any injuries during your wedding or damage to the venue, which can result in legal claims against the couple (or planner) responsible for organising the wedding. 

If you’re considering wedding insurance, check if public liability is included. Some venues and suppliers normally require it to protect themselves against financial losses. 

Public liability insurance is important as it can protect the organisers against any legal claims for injury, death, damage, or loss of the venue during the wedding day.   

Do I need public liability insurance for my wedding? 

While it’s not a legal requirement, many venues and suppliers may require public liability insurance. 

Even if it’s not explicitly requested, it’s worth considering for peace of mind. You should talk to the wedding venue about how much cover is needed. 

Usually, the more guests you need to cover, the more expensive the insurance will be, as the wedding is seen as a higher risk.  

If you’re getting married overseas, check your policy to see if the public liability insurance applies.  

What does public liability insurance cover? 

Public liability insurance will protect you against compensation claims if: 

  • A guest or supplier is injured

  • A guest or supplier dies during your wedding 

  • There is damage to the venue, furniture, decorations or loss of the venue 

However, it doesn’t cover other scenarios, such as: 

  • Being forced to postpone, reschedule, or cancel your wedding 

  • Your venue or suppliers fail to deliver their goods or services 

Some insurance companies have public liability insurance as an add-on for an extra fee or may even include it in their standard policies, so it’s worth checking.  

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What should I consider when buying public liability insurance? 

Before you buy public liability insurance, it’s a good idea to understand: 

  • If your venue has any requirement for an insurance policy 

  • How big your wedding is, and where it is being hosted 

  • How many guests you’re expecting 

You can usually get cover of between £1 million and £10 million with public liability insurance. 

While this may seem extreme, the cost of legal action, compensation, and injuries can be costly, as can damaging anything in a historic or stately home. 

It’s worth doing your research when seeking public liability insurance. If you’re bundling this with a wedding insurance policy, make sure you have the right amount of cover. 

What other insurance do I need for my wedding? 

While it’s not mandatory, wedding insurance can offer essential cover if your venue cancels, or you choose to postpone your special day due to illness, injury, or death of a key wedding party member. 

You can also be covered if a supplier provides damaged items, fails to show up, or goes bust. It can also be used to replace expensive lost, damaged, or stolen goods.  

It’s worth checking the fine print to ensure the wedding insurance protects your big day, regardless of what happens. 

You should also consider travel insurance for your honeymoon or your wedding if it’s overseas.  

It can ensure you don’t lose out financially if you get ill and require medical treatment, your trip is delayed or cancelled, your luggage is lost or stolen, your trip is cut short, or you have an accident.  

It’s worth checking you have the right amount of cover before paying for a policy.  

Can I cancel my public liability insurance policy if I change my mind? 

You have 14 days to cancel the policy and get a full refund if you decide public liability insurance isn’t right for you.  

Alternatively, you can change your policy by contacting the insurance provider.  

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Lisa-Marie Voneshen
Lisa-Marie Voneshen is a Senior Content Writer at Unbiased. She is an award-winning journalist with nearly a decade of experience writing and editing content across various areas, including personal finance and investing.