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About the financial advisers on

Every financial adviser on our site is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and is qualified to the level that the FCA requires. None of them can accept commission as a form of payment, to prevent any conflict of interests when they recommend products. Their only incentive is getting the best results for you, their customer.

On our site you will find two kinds of financial adviser: independent financial advisers (IFAs) and another kind known as ‘restricted whole-of-market’ advisers.

Independent financial advisers

An IFA will give you impartial, unrestricted advice that considers every financial product on the relevant market. Furthermore an IFA will never make any agreement with a provider to recommend their products, so will always be unbiased.

Restricted whole-of-market advisers

A restricted whole-of-market adviser is also obliged to consider every financial product on the relevant market. However, unlike an IFA, a restricted whole-of-market adviser is (as the name implies) restricted in some way. It is the adviser’s responsibility to explain to you clearly how their advice is restricted.

Confusingly, there is another kind of adviser known simply as ‘restricted advisers’. These advisers are restricted by the range of products and/or providers that they can recommend. Consequently, they are not listed on