Homes and property

Homes and properties are rarely out of the media whether house prices are rising or falling, interest rates are down or lending criteria are changing.  Whether you are buying a home to live in or a property for investment purposes it’s reassuring to know you have a team of experts support you – and they could save you time as well as money.

There are usually significant sums of money involved when you’re buying a property.  Finding the right experts to help you is important, whether you’re buying a new family home, renting a house for a period of time, or making an addition to a portfolio of properties as an investment. 

To make sure you are taking the right decisions at each stage, you’ll probably end up talking to a whole range of professionals – from estate agents and surveyors at the start of the process, through financial advisers or mortgage advisers when you want to get your funding sorted out, and of course a solicitor to get the conveyancing done right. 

A mortgage adviser or financial adviser can help to assess your circumstances and use their expert knowledge to explain your options and recommend a suitable course of action for you.  They can advise you on a whole range of issues including equity release, remortgaging, different types of mortgages and home insurance.  A mortgage adviser’s help could save you time and money; find one in your local area here.

Solicitors will be able to give you advice about the legal aspects of buying, selling or renting out your home or property.  When dealing with legal issues surrounding your home or property such as conveyancing it’s important that everything follows the correct regulations.  And if you’re renting, either as landlord or tenant, it’s important to understand your rights and obligations in order to protect yourself and your property.  You may also want to get some help from a financial adviser who can help you plan your finances, for example saving for all the costs associated with buying a house.