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Apr 21
Insurance cold callers? Meet the cure

You know those films in which the muggers attack a defenceless old man, only to discover he’s a kung fu master? A similar sort of shock awaited the poor insurance scammer who cold-called insurance compliance specialist Kathryn Knowles of Cura Special Risks Bureau. Kathryn explains what happened next…

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Oct 03
5 startling facts about insurance payouts

What are the odds of your insurance company actually paying out on your claim? Two-to-one against? Better than that, or worse? A recent survey by Drewberry Insurance reveals that most people’s estimates are way, way off. So what’s the truth? Over the years, most of us have read stories along the lines of ‘Left Stranded

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May 04
Life insurance: the ultimate ‘rainy-day fund’

One of the reasons why you might save up is to safeguard your family against misfortune. But a rainy-day fund can only do so much. For a truly adequate level of protection, life insurance is often a better solution – and it’s more versatile than you might think. On the financial planning Scale of Excitement

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Nov 20
What if?

As part of our GetAdvised campaign, we’re looking at ways professional advice can help you evaluate, develop and implement a solid plan to support your future.

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Nov 13
A short guide to relevant life plans

As part of our Every Business Matters, Every Employee Matters campaign, in partnership with Legal and General, we take a look at how relevant life plans can save your company cash.

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Aug 30
Ensure you insure

Jason Butler explains the basics of income insurance and how to use it as the foundation of your financial security.

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Jul 05
The cost of holiday accidents could follow you home

You may wish you had more time off work to enjoy the sunny weather but be careful what you wish for, says Scott Gallacher.

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Jan 24
Why do we forget about life insurance?

It’s a funny thing, insurance. Some, like car insurance, we buy with no real resistance. We may shop around on comparison sites and yes, third party insurance is compulsory, but most of us wouldn’t dream of not having “fully comp”. Especially if the car is relatively new.  Most interestingly, it’s taken as read that there’s

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Nov 06
Will you risk the protection gap?

A thoughtful, regularly reviewed financial plan is essential to the achievement of the financial goals you hold dear.  Goals like achieving financial independence by a particular date for you and your family, providing a fund to help your children through higher education and maximising the amount you leave to your family through reducing inheritance tax. In

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Jan 23
Who needs Life Insurance?

In these current times of austerity who wants or needs to pay out yet another monthly premium especially on something like insurance we will never spend! Life cover pays a lump sum upon death or diagnosis of a terminal illness. It can be taken out for a fixed term or the whole of your life and can