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6 signs you should think about ethical investment

Updated 03 December 2020

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Nick Green
Financial Journalist

Have you ever found yourself thinking or saying the following statements? If so, it may be that investing ‘ethically’ is for you.


1. “I am sure that over the longer term companies that provide useful services, in a responsible fashion will do better than others.”

2. “This weather seems to be pretty grim everywhere… I guess we should all be doing more about climate change.”

3. “I don’t mind where I invest, investment options don’t really mean anything to me.”

4. “I am investing for the longer term and I want my fund managers – and the companies they invest in – to do the same.”

5. “I think companies, employees and local communities should be treated reasonably by big business.”

6. “Why don’t companies pay more attention to ethical stuff given the trouble it can cause when they get it horribly wrong?”

There is no doubt that investing is a means to an end. We put money aside in order to hopefully make money that we can later call on when we need it. Yet investing in funds that pay little attention to ethical, social or environmental issues makes little sense if these are areas that are close to your heart – and, or – your head. Indeed those involved in ethical investment or sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) and ethical investment believe that investment is about more than simply making money. It is about shaping the future by supporting companies that have been selected to match investors own ethical values.

Sustainable and responsible investment options are highly diverse and cater for almost any ‘ethical, social or environmental’ views and investment goals these days. Options include funds that focus on ethics (via avoidance or positive screening), sustainability, the environment, clean technology, faith and engaging for change via ‘regular’ funds – as well as different asset classes.

Speak to a financial adviser about SRI and ethical investments.


About the author

Julia Dreblow has worked in financial services since 1989 and specialised in SRI since 1996. Passionately committed to growing this market she now runs her own business offering tools and services for those operating in the retail SRI.

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