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Jan 12
Beware when buying income protection online

We all love price comparison sites – but they can let you down when you’re looking for suitable income protection. The biggest price comparison sites risk misdirecting visitors to unsuitable PPI cover or policies that offer only ‘suited occupation’ cover, says Tom Conner of Drewberry. More and more consumers are waking up to the need

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Dec 06
The life cover that can save your company cash

More than a quarter of estates passing on death contain an insurance policy, most commonly life insurance. However, there is one corner of the market that is often overlooked. Neil Adams of protection advisers Drewberry explains a less well-known product that can deliver better value for company directors: relevant life insurance. You may not have heard

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Oct 17
Where would your business be without you?

Many small businesses still don’t have key person insurance in place – and are putting their future in jeopardy as a result. Neil Adams of Drewberry Wealth Management explains why it’s increasingly a must-have. There are 5.4 million companies in the UK[1], with more than 90 per cent of these employing fewer than ten people.

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Sep 13
Critical illness cover vs income protection – what’s the difference? (Part 2)

Following on from part 1, Neil Adams of Drewberry Wealth Management explains critical illness cover and how it differs from income protection. If you became unable to work due to illness, how best could you protect yourself and your family? Welcome back. Last time, we were talking about income protection and how it can provide

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Sep 13
Critical illness cover vs income protection – what’s the difference? (Part 1)

What’s the best way to protect yourself and your family if illness or injury stops you working? In this two-parter, Neil Adams of Drewberry Wealth Management explains the two key types of protection, and offers guidelines for ensuring that you are properly covered. If you had to be off work in the short or long

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Mar 01
Kick this and it’ll cost your family

We know three things about this event: it will be sad, it will be expensive, and it will definitely happen one day. So why are so many people financially unprepared for it – when it’s actually very easy to make arrangements? You know the old cliché: the only two certainties in life are death and

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Dec 14
The best-value piece of advice ever?

What kind of difference can protection make? As it turns out, quite a lot. Justin Rourke, an IFA with Armstrong Watson Financial Planning, reveals what he considers the most important piece of advice he ever provided. I have been fortunate enough to have had my fair share of long-term clients over the years, and I

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Sep 17
‘What if I can’t work again?’

No-one likes to think about it – so most of us don’t. But if illness or injury means you can no longer earn, there is very little provision from the state. Although income protection can look pricey, if you end up needing it then the value can be priceless. Sally is in agony today. She’s

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Jun 17
How to make a financial safety net

Death, illness, money troubles… You can’t prevent the first, you can’t do much about the second, but you can protect against the financial problems that both of those can bring. Ray Tammam, IFA at Fairstone Financial Management, explains how. It’s a question we’re not comfortable addressing: what would happen if we were to fall seriously

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Jul 10
Widowed parents face £100,000 benefit cuts

Benefit cuts mean widowed parents will now lose up to £100,000 if the worse should happen. But there is good news, insists Scott Gallacher.