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09 Oct 2015

Three years of auto-enrolment…

Hard to believe, but it's three years since the launch of auto-enrolment. Now that the big corporations have done it, the race is on to get SMEs up to speed so they can meet their legal obligations in time for their staging dates.

Do you have small business clients who might struggle to make it in time? Our auto-enrolment help page can be their first port of call.



…and six months of pension freedom

This week we were featured on Channel 4 news discussing the impact of pension freedom, now that it's halfway through its first year. Not many Lamborghini's seem to have been bought, but there were other very interesting stats:

  • 60% of all cash lump sums paid out in the first three months went to people younger than 60
  • At the same time, only 42% of income drawdown payments went to the under 65s
  • In 95% of cases when savers accessed a cash lump sum, they withdrew the entire fund 

Are people at risk of blowing their pension pots too soon? What's your experience? Join our discussion here- and if you haven't yet seen the Channel 4 clip, catch it here. 

Two things are certain - death and taxes

A last will and testament is where death and taxes meet. As promotes Write A Will Week, we're asking accountants what input they can offer in terms of tips for the ideal will. 

Share your will-writing hints in our already buzzing discussion here. 






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