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How much does your advice cost?

24 Jul 2015

We're top of the Googles - thanks to you!

Just type 'cost of advice' into Google and see what comes top. Yes, it's the Cost Of Advice Guide that you helped us to create last year. It's proved one of our most popular guides, featured in the Telegraph, Daily Express and Mail on Sunday and used so far by over 5,000 people.

Your weekly round up...

Does denial begin at 40?

New research this week revealed people in their 30s were more retirement-savvy than those in their 40s. More than three quarters of 30-somethings were actively thinking about retirement compared to 69 per cent of those in their 40s.

Meanwhile a shocking number of people seem to be losing pensions down the back of the sofa - in our latest poll 21 per cent admitted to either losing track of a pension, not knowing how many they had, or not having a pension at all.

Would young people's growing interest in pensions encourage you to take on another pension qualification? 

Don't be shy about retirement 

You already know that retirement planning is all the rage right now. But you might not have considered all the ways in which a focus on retirement can boost your business. 

Graeme Ballantyne of Prudential offers a valuable new perspective on retirement as a series of different stages, each with its own advice opportunities. Are you exploring them to their full potential?  

The secret to cash flow planning success - part 1

One of the most important parts of a financial planner's role is cash flow planning, but it's also one of the most labour-intensive. Is there a way to simplify and streamline it, and is technolog y the answer?

In the first instalment of a series of guides, Ray Adams of Niche Chartered Financial Planners reveals how his firm found their own solution to successful cash flow planning. 

What would you call yourself?

It's been suggested that some people don't seek advice because the term 'financial adviser' itself puts them off.  Frances Kemp of Nurture Financial Planning wonders who all these professional labels are really for - and whether it's time for an industry makeover. 

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