Unbiased rolls out new product suite for accountants and bookkeepers

Four new plans designed to fit every business goal and budget

18 Feb 2021

  • Four new plans offer choice and flexibility to suit firms of all sizes
  • Accountants & bookkeepers can win new business and manage all their clients from one simple platform
  • Features include setting client preferences, matched enquiries and marketing across multiple locations
  • End-to-end client management and analytics tools included as standard
  • Plans offer the support that accounting firms need to adapt through Covid and beyond
  • New accountant and bookkeeper directory launched

Unbiased, the UK’s leading gateway to trusted financial advice, has now rolled out its successful product suite for accountants and bookkeepers. The plans, already being used successfully by financial advisers and mortgage brokers, are designed to help accounting firms meet the challenges of today’s market and grow their business even during these challenging times.

Available from 11th February 2021 the four plans offer a choice to suit a wide range of growth strategies and marketing budgets. A core benefit is the range of features to enhance online brand awareness, remote advice and client management, all of which have become paramount due to the pandemic. Also launching is the new Unbiased directory of accountants and bookkeepers to provide an additional stream of new business.

A suite of products to meet changing needs

The Covid pandemic has radically changed the way firms do business. It is now essential not merely to offer remote services, but to build the business and acquire new clients remotely too. The Unbiased plans are designed to fulfil these criteria, maintaining revenue streams during lean periods and facilitating growth in more stable times. Firms can choose the plan that best suits their current needs, with the option to switch quickly and easily as requirement change.

The four plans are:


A low cost plan for firms looking to build their brand, maintain an active online presence and manage their enquiries better.


An enhanced value plan that lets firms receive client enquiries customised to their preferences and business goals.


This plan offers unlimited customised enquiries, along with marketing across multiple locations to support rapid growth.


A bespoke plan for larger firms building a nationwide presence.

All plans also include listing in the Unbiased directory, enabling an additional stream of direct enquiries from clients browsing in their local area.

End-to-end client management tools as standard

All plans offer as standard the key features that have proved invaluable to advisers and their clients during the lockdown. These include in-account client messaging and chat history, automated welcome messages (which can inform clients that remote advice is available), the ability to access enquiries anywhere via a mobile app, and a prominent web presence with strong SEO.

Also included as standard is an end-to-end client management platform. This makes it easy to keep tabs on clients at every stage of the onboarding process, and is packed with tools to optimise the conversion of new business opportunities into happy clients. Moreover, accountants can upload clients found from other sources and manage them all in one place. This means subscribers can see at a glance their entire business pipeline and any required actions to be taken.

Simultaneous launch of the Unbiased accountants and bookkeepers directory

In response to popular demand from subscribers, Unbiased is also launching a new directory for accountants and bookkeepers. This will be available to all new and existing subscribers, and will provide a further stream of potential enquiries in addition to the matching service. Those seeking an accountant or bookkeeper, and who do not use the matching service, can browse a list of local firms near them, filtering by requirements, and contact them directly via their listing.

Current Unbiased subscribers have the option to switch now

Accountants who currently list with Unbiased under one of the old plans have the option to switch to the new suite now, or stay on their existing plan for up to three months before being moved to the new suite, as the legacy plans will be discontinued. New or returning sign-ups to Unbiased will be offered only the four new plans, but the suite is designed to be more flexible to changing needs.

Karen Barrett, CEO and founder of Unbiased, said,

‘We’re delighted to announce these new plans for our accounting and bookkeeping subscribers, alongside the new directory. The plans have already proved a great success with our financial advisers and mortgage brokers, so it’s gratifying that we can now offer the same high quality packages to all our professionals, especially at this challenging time.

‘Before last year we were already seeing big changes in the way people and businesses search for the professional services they need. Our matching technology has been instrumental in connecting more consumers and businesses with suitable professionals. One challenge in particular facing both businesses and the self-employed has been finding the right accounting services while juggling so many other issues. Our mission is to simplify that process so that everyone can effortlessly find the ideal level of support.

‘The Unbiased platform has enabled business continuity for our subscribers throughout an unprecedented year, while providing a vital service for the consumers and businesses who are their clients. Only our commitment to innovation has made this possible. Our new product suite for accountant and bookkeepers is a milestone on our journey to make professional advice more accessible to those who need it, and more profitable for those who offer it.’


More information on our new pricing plans can be found here www.unbiased.co.uk/pro/accountant#plans

For more information contact [email protected]

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