Starting your business


Imagine what it feels like to be running your own successful business.  Having your own business can be highly rewarding both personally and financially, but don’t forget there’s a lot of preparation involved before starting out.

Every business needs to have a certain combination of factors going for it, to be successful: understanding your products or services and how to sell them; using your knowledge wisely, and making the most of financial circumstances; having a resolute attitude and determination to succeed and having support from friends and family.

So, have you chosen the right type of business?  Does it have good prospects for the future?  Do you know how much you need to start up, what cash flow do you need, how to get finance and how to structure your business?  Have you prepared a business plan?  Will you need to employ anyone and, if so, do you know your obligations to employees?  

An independent financial adviser can help you with many of the financial aspects of running a business.  Their advice and guidance can help to get you on the way to running your own successful business.  Find an independent financial adviser here.

Questions you might like to ask an IFA…

  • How do I divide my money between my business and myself?
  • What employee benefits should I offer?