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Revealed: Nation's top advice moments

21 Nov 2014

This week we launched our Advice moments campaign.  We recently conducted research to find out at what life stage consumers most sought professional advice.  Our findings revealed, 'Buying your first property' was the nation's top advice moment, with 55 per cent seeking advice.  Our study also found, out of those planning their retirement, 17 per cent regretted not seeking advice.

Take a look at our research to discover more Advice moments here.

#FPW: Financial Planning Week

Join us next week as we help support financial planning week.  Financial Planning Week is dedicated to raising awareness of the benefits of financial planning.  During this time, the Institute of Financial Planning will be hosting several events including free financial planning surgeries.  You can join in by signing up to be a part of a financial surgery.  In preparation for the week ahead, ensure to update your profile with special offers, so consumers know where to turn. 

Read here for more information and the full financial planning week schedule.

The Market 

Minesh Patel, managing director of EA Financial Solutions, shares his insight on how to make the stock market work for your clients.  Read here to discover Minesh's tips on how to handle market volatility, investing lump sums and his guiding principle for all stock market related investments.

Festival of Marketing

Last week we attended the Festival of Marketing, a two day event dedicated to the future trends of marketing.  After attending several inspiring seminars, we thought we'd share an article we found useful to help you attract the right clients for your business.  Take a look at how to be insanely honest in your content marketing here.

Be sure to stay tuned in the run up to Christmas, we will be posting more of our top marketing tips to help you optimize your business.


Congratulations to this week's #AdviseroftheWeek, @neilshillitofor his recent feedback on our cost of advice research.

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LinkedIn discussion: 

What was the advice moment of truth that made your clients buy into advice?

As part of our Advice moments campaign, we want you to share at what moment your client sought your advice. 

Have your say here.

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