Advice taken young improves with age

Advice taken young improves with age

19 Jun 2015

Vintage coverage from This Is Money

Have you heard it through the grape vine? Leading financial website This Is Money has picked up on our Value of Advice campaign with MetLife and run up some vintage coverage highlighting all our key messages for consumers. Central to the coverage is the finding that people are leaving it late to seek advice on their pensions - and that the time to start planning for retirement is actually at the start of one's career.

Stay-at-home tax havens

The dilemma: no business wants to pay more tax than it needs to. But no business wants to be accused of improper tax avoidance. Adrian Murphy, partner at Murphy Wealth, offers alternative paths between these hazards for those with money to invest.

Buy-to-let for retirement planning: oasis or mirage?

Following the pension reforms we've seen a surge of interest in buy-to-let as a source of retirement income. But there are real concerns that people just aren't thinking through the implications such as tax, risk and the demands of being a landlord.

Do you think buy-to-let could be a viable element of retirement planning, or is all the hype just a mirage?

Be eagle-eyed for scams

Pension freedom has been great news for many people - the trouble is, some of those people are criminals and con artists. The threat of pension scams and frauds has grown at an alarming rate in the wake of the changes, consumers are worried and advisers should be too.

Benefit of the week

It makes such a difference if you can see someone's face, don't you think? As you're an enhanced subscriber*, make sure you display photos of your advisers, so you can welcome potential clients with a smile. It's a simple thing but it can make the difference between being hired... and being turned away.


Taking a long hard look at longevity

As people live longer, they need to ensure they won't run out of money. We're shining the Retirement Spotlight on longevity and bringing you valuable guides and free reports to download. Our materials to help you broach this often difficult subject include:

  • Tips from leading behavioural scientist Professor Paul Dolan.

  • A short video to help clients understand the effects of longevity.

  • Living off property as well as living in it -- an article by James Dean of Age Partnership.

  • A FREE report looking at how annuities stack up against income drawdown over ten years.

  • Expert help for later life advisers

All this material is available free at the Retirement Spotlight. It should provide valuable support as you help clients to understand how living longer could affect their pension pot. Why not take a look now? 

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