Adviser fees research findings

20 Nov 2012

Adviser fees research

Back in June and again in September we asked you to take part in our research on adviser fees to help inform articles on consumer access to financial advice for a national paper. We want to thank all of you who participated and thought we would share the results with you as you might find them of interest.

The first wave of research which took place in June focused on the more generic areas of financial advice.

The second survey was conducted at the end of September 2012, completed by over 300 advisers on our database and focused on investments.  A handful of advisers told us they felt unable to answer our survey as they would look to assess client needs through a fact find and risk assessment first before they could quote for the work.

FSA RDR Roundtable

At the end of last week attended a roundtable set up by the FSA where we, along with consumer journalists, Which? and David Geale and Linda Woodhall from the FSA, discussed what consumers need to know about the RDR changes and how to best communicate the changes. Our intention at this roundtable was the same as always - to help create opportunities for the benefits of professional advice to be shared with consumers in the media and to highlight as the search engine best placed for finding the right adviser.



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