Are annuities a good move for Tesco?

26 Apr 2013

An unbiased update

Almost four months into the New Year, we thought it was about time for an update!

  • The great news is our website traffic has seen a 21% increase* compared to this time last year, and there are over 750 websites linking to including: BBCThe GuardianSantander and Money Saving Expert.  Make the most of this increase in traffic by completing your profile fully to make sure your business stands out to searching consumers!
  • February saw our annual Media Adviser Awards, with coverage in the Mail on Sunday, Money Marketing and Professional Advisor and a potential Twitter reach of more than 80k users.  If you are looking to raise your profile in the media you can sign up to the Bluebookand you may be one of next year's winners.
  • We launched our 21st Tax Action campaign, with our research featured in five national newspapers, helping to raise awareness with consumers about the importance of tax planning.  We had some great support from advisers on unbiased throughout the campaign, find out how you can get involved in future campaigns! 
  • The hard work looks to be paying off as we have achieved over 200 pieces of coverage in the consumer, trade and online press already this year.  Generating PR for you has always been a priority for us, as we continue to educate consumers about the benefits of seeking professional advice, and remind them is the place to search!  

But we're still chomping at the bit with ideas and have plenty more campaigns in the wings to promote professional advice and drive more consumers to  We are also keen to hear from you about the service we run so we can make it as good as possible!  Which reminds us...  

Are annuities a good move for Tesco?

This week Tesco announced it will be expanding its comparison service, Tesco Compare, to include annuities.  We have seen a huge rise in 'shopping around' over the last few years and believe empowering people to take control and look for the best deal is a good thing.  But there are clear limitations when it comes to consumers' DIY approach to financial services products - the more complex either the product or the consumer's individual circumstances, the less suitable it is!  Which is why when it comes to making such important financial decisions, including purchasing an annuity, we want to encourage consumers to seek financial advice first, to help them make the right decision for their future!  What's your view?  Let us know and share your thoughts in our LinkedIn group.



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