Can Candy Crush make society more financially literate?

Could online games make our society more financially literate?, How to… harness the demand for advice, The Google yourself challenge

20 Jun 2014








Could online games make our society more financially literate?

There’s a debate which stretches over a number of different aspects of our society. It’s happening in the press, it’s happening among financial planning professionals and it’s happening in the money-related third sector. How can we encourage young people to be more engaged with their finances? Could games like Candy Crush Saga help? Chris Daems argues the battleground is not just in our classrooms, but also online. Read the full article.

How to… harness the demand for advice chief executive, Karen Barrett, gives her insights into why there is an increasing consumer demand for financial advice and shares her tips on how advisers can best harness that demand in this video from NS&I. View the full video.

The google yourself challenge

Do you google your company often? No? Well why don’t you go and try now? Did you see your profile in the search results? All profiles are accessible to Google and will feature in natural search results. To move up the rankings, try adding more relevant search terms to your profile to match more consumer searches and make sure you update it regularly. Update your profile.

Why not add your profile to your website? Simply copy and paste your profile link and add the logo to your website. Email [email protected] if you need assistance.



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