Do you invest in your ‘trust’ fund?

What does trust mean to you and your business? Find out how much your customer’s value it and what it means to them.

27 Jun 2014

Seven things you need to know to help you make the most of the new ISAs

With less than a week to go until the government’s new ISA changes come into effect, we enlisted the help of some of our ‘Bluebook’ professional advisers to put together a useful guide for consumers helping them navigate the new rules and how to make the most of their savings.

Do you invest in your ‘trust’ fund?

As a global business, Morningstar is able to tap into adviser and consumer trends across different markets and one thing that is clear globally, is the importance of trust in financial services.

Here are some findings about trusts from a recent survey they ran across 1,000 registered users and some insights on how to build trust from an article originally published through Morningstar Magazine this month.

How much is an enhanced profile worth to you?

About £107,281.30. That’s the average lifetime value of the leads an enhanced advertising profile receives in one year*. Upgrading from a basic profile to an enhanced profile is likely to get you an average of 3.5 times more leads. We see this number steadily increasing year on year (rising 61% from this time last year alone).

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*Survey of 274 advisers May 2014


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