Don't be shy - ask clients how they found you

23 Aug 2013

Don't be shy!

Don't shy away from asking where your clients found you, it could be one of the most valuable questions you ask them!  It will help you to focus in on where your best leads are coming from and you'll be able to invest more in that resource.  Out of the advisers we questioned, an astounding 40% of you don't ask your prospective clients where they found you!*

And finally, dig deeper than just 'Google'.  You may be surprised that these new clients are finding you through your profile on search engines - so ensure your profile has the most up-to-date information.

LinkedIn poll: the results

We have asked our advisers on the LinkedIn group 'When do you expect advice enquiries about auto enrolment to peak?'  A majority (60%) said 2015-2016 while 40% said next year.  Do you agree?  Or are you starting to see an increase of enquiries on auto enrolment now?  Let us know by commenting on the poll

Zurich critical illness cover

Do your clients have a fair choice of critical illness cover?

For the first time Zurich's critical illness policy covers 48 conditions.

These include 10 which go beyond the standard recommended by the ABI as well as 6 partial payment conditions and all cover children from 3 months after birth to 18 years.

In addition, Zurich has also re-priced its LPP/DMC term rates reducing them by 1.5%. Zurich is aiming to bridge the gap between affordable cover and flexible protection for your clients.

Read more about what Zurich can offer you or call 0500 546 546.

Zurich may monitor or record calls to improve service.


The team

*Survey of 166 adviser 18-25 April 2013

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