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20% increase in searches

31 Jul 2015

TaxAction - Job done! 

After 60 press mentions, an industry round table and two new checklists, our 23rd TaxAction campaign, in partnership with Prudential, has been a resounding success. We've achieved a social reach of over 98k and a whopping press reach of over four million. That's around 4.1 million people who potentially have a better understanding of the value of tax planning. We think that's cause for celebration. 

Here are a few highlights: 

20% increase in adviser searches

As ever, we've been working hard behind the scenes to help promote the value of advice. One of our latest collaborations is with Radio Times Money, which is now publicising our popular special offers.  

The effect of our PR incentives this year has been dramatic to say the least. In the past six months alone we've seen an increase of almost 20 per cent in the number of adviser searches on our website. We intend to keep up the good work.  

Make the most of the demand 

Increase your visibility with our new search product Location PLUS. This literally places you above the competition by letting you purchase any district area or postcode for a month at a time.

Are you responding to your potential clients?

As the UK's number one adviser search, we also like to bring you useful feedback from the people who use your services. In our recent consumer survey we asked people what they liked and disliked about the advice process. One frustration that a lot of people mentioned was contacting an adviser through the site and not receiving a reply in good time. 

This can happen sometimes if an adviser receives a lead that is not right for them. To make sure you're sent more appropriate leads, please update your profile with your advice areas and client preferences. 

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