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15 Nov 2013

The 'restricted whole of market' label

You'll have seen the comments FCA technical specialist Rory Percival made regarding the use of 'whole of market restricted' at the PFS conference. As you may know, allows some restricted advisers to be profiled on the site who meet a 'whole of market' requirement. This label was decided on some 18 months ago based on the FSA guidance at the time.

We've now seen increased interest from advisers listing as restricted whole of market. Currently, we profile 300 restricted whole of market advisers and 15,500 IFAs.

There are no plans to change this label as it best describes these advisers who review the whole market, yet restrict the product areas they list on our search. We will continue to monitor the market and ensure we meet the expectations of consumers looking for professional advice. We have a longstanding track record in explaining the benefits of whole of market advice to consumers and helping them understand the different advice options. As you'd expect, this remains a focus for us.

GetAdvised and Financial Planning Week

For the sixth year running, we are proud to join the industry in promoting Financial Planning week. Throughout the year, we are committed to raising consumer awareness about the importance of a financial plan with our Value of Advice and GetAdvised campaigns.

Next week financial planning will take centre stage in the media, so make sure you are prepared. What better time to update your profile by taking advantage of all the features available to showcase your services?

Join us in showing support for Financial Planning Week on Twitter by tweeting your top financial planning tips using #GetAdvised.


The team


Santander Asset Management...

On Monday, Santander Asset Management launched a range of five risk targeted Multi Manager Portfolios.  The 'Santander Atlas Portfolios' are built on robust and rigorous processes to provide:

  • Experience you can trust - managed by the award-winning Santander Asset Management Global Multi Manager team.
  • An investment process with rigour and integrity - the portfolios encompass active management, dynamic asset allocation and an unfettered selection of third-party funds.
  • Pioneering value for the modern investor - the portfolios have a competitive annual management charge (0.40 per cent) and a capped ongoing charge (0.99 per cent).
  • Clearly differentiated risk targets - Distribution Technology has independently risk profiled portfolios 3 to 7 on their 1 to 10 scale.
  • Support for the modern adviser - with a comprehensive range of support materials.


For more information please visit their new website


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