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11 May 2012

Word on the street

Have you heard? For the past couple of weeks social media networks and the news press have been running hot with advisers talking about, and engaging with unbiased.co.uk.  This is fantastic news, we keep an eagle eye on the press and social media forums and we listen to what you're saying.

Talking about buzz, we have a guru in our midst.  IFA Alistair Cunningham spoke to New Model Adviser this week, sharing his social media insight and top 12 tips for other advisers to get onboard.  Alistair is so social, we wonder when he finds time to sleep, but we do like his style.  The unbiased.co.uk website also hosts a number of social media and digital marketing 'how to' prompts to help you on your way.  If you are keen to understand more, feel free to take advantage of our online marketing for your business guide, which we're sure you'll find handy or find out how we use social media.  And we will have some exciting new services for you soon, so watch this space.

Easing the squeeze

Remember when buying a property was all about 'location, location, location'?  Right now it is 'mortgage, mortgage, mortgage'.  Mortgages are a hot topic at the moment with lenders setting tougher requirements and rates on the increase, so it's no wonder consumers' heads are spinning.  Karen and a panel of expert professional advisers have gathered their recommendations and tips to help with the new landscape - how to navigate the changing mortgage market.

Our latest sponsor - NS&I

We are excited to announce that National Savings and Investments (NS&I) is the latest sponsor to join the unbiased.co.uk family.  As one of the largest savings organisations in the UK, NS&I's support demonstrates the value of seeking independent professional advice for long-term financial planning.  Read all about it in FT Adviser.

The partnership is timely with the start of this year seeing a strong demand for professional advice on savings and investments.  Our Advice Drivers reports found nearly one in four of the total number of enquiries (24%) was for an IFA specialising in this particular area in February and March.  And data from NS&I shows that consumers have been taking savings action - its Savings Survey shows a rise in the amount savers are putting aside each month, with the average Brit now putting away £95, the highest amount recorded since spring 2011.


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