Highlights from our IHT party!

What went on around that round table?

22 May 2015

Inheritance tax roundtable 2015

It was an IHT party around the roundtable, as we hosted our annual TaxAction discussion in partnership with Prudential. It was a meeting of minds from across both the financial and media industries, with our focus being one of the key tax issues from the general election: inheritance tax. We made a lot of headway and some revelations emerged, such as: 

  • People routinely underestimate the value of their assets, so feel they don't need to plan for IHT
  • The older generation in particular needs to be more engaged with IHT planning
  • Bad tax planning can be worse than no tax planning 

Our research has already seen a lot of interest with features in FT AdviserThe Money Pages and International Adviser.  With the IHT threshold set to rise in 2017, how will this impact the advice industry?

Check out the new IHT checklist 

Knowledge is power, so we've created an Inheritance Tax Primer Pack in partnership with Prudential. Share it with your clients and it'll help any IHT-related consultation to proceed much more smoothly.

*Benefit of the week!

Given a client the best advice they've ever received? Ask them to give you written feedback, and you can post it on your unbiased.co.uk listing. Potential customers don't have to take your word for it when you've got a great list of testimonials.

BPR Report supports 'growing market for flexible IHT solution'

Intelligent Partnership (IP) has launched the first industry report on Business Property Relief (BPR). The 74-page report provides insight into the risks and rewards of BPR solutions, includes a survey of 167 advisers' attitudes to BPR, and also charts market growth.


Your bucket list (with a twist)

A lot of people have a bucket list - a run-down of the things they want to do before they die. But ours is a good one to show your clients - because it'll save them inheritance tax!



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