How to advise the millennial generation

16 Oct 2015

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What do Shakespeare, Pringles and Sidmouth have in common? They all featured on our social feeds last week as we promoted Write A Will Week. An amazing 58% of UK adults are never going to die, or so they seem to think - our latest research has found that this is the number who still haven't made a will!

Did you spot some of our shocking statistics? 

  • Residents of Brighton are least likely to have made a will (70% haven't)
  • Plymouth is the most prepared town in the UK where 50% have written a will
  • One in five think they are not wealthy enough to need a will - despite many being homeowners!

It's not too late to join in! You can help to spread awareness by sharing our Write a Will Week findings with your clients. 

Advising the millennial generation

The client base for financial advice is undergoing a seismic shift. Slowly but surely the millennials are on the rise, creating a new market for 'moral money'.

This age group want to make money, but issues such as corruption, tax and the environment are key concerns for many, who don't believe values and profit are mutually exclusive.

As part of Good Money Week, Rebecca O'Connor explains how the landscape is changing.

The growing pains of pension freedom

Over half a year on from the introduction of pension freedom, the number of Lamborghinis bought as a result remains at zero (probably)! Happily, it seems people are more sensible than suggested, but there is still a maze of new information to be navigated and many high-risk decisions ahead.

What do you think are the biggest risks of pension freedom?

Share your thoughts in our discussion.

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