How well do you get your point across?

Good advice is an incredibly important investment - especially now there is an increasing choice and more flexibility faced by customers.

11 Jul 2014












How well do you get your point across?

Colin Thomas, Business Consultancy Manager at Prudential, would like to share with you a few tips on how to make sure your clients really know the benefits of your advice.

Here are a couple of his key points to consider when meeting a client for the first time, or even an existing client;

  • objectives

  • key considerations now and in the future

  • assessing attitude to risk

  • potential benefits

  • and the overall outcome

What can we do for you?

Have you searched Google the way your clients do? Try searching, ‘find a financial adviser’, ‘find a pensions advisor’, ’find an IFA’. Did you see our website on the first page? Did you notice the other listings on the page include our search in their sites? Websites such as, the Telegraph, Thisismoney and Money Saving Expert all include links back to our pages and your profile.

Now might be a good time to update your profile and make the most of our position in the top results in these searches. This is how your clients find you. Make sure you stand out from the crowd.

‘Bite’ size news

Have you heard the latest from the World Cup camp? They’re all talking about Luis Suarez, who is not only famed for being one of Liverpool’s most talented strikers, but now for causing strife along the streets of Brazil. We wouldn’t miss this opportunity to take a selfie and be bitten by the Uruguay player, would you?

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