Inheritance tax - where to start

This week saw the release of our inheritance tax checklist. Have you seen it yet?

28 Jul 2014

Inheritance tax checklist, you didn't? We did!

Monday saw the release of our inheritance tax checklist, created with the help of Prudential. We decided it was time to get everyone talking about inheritance tax and how using your advice could make a huge difference.

So far the checklist has been really well received, we've had great feedback on how useful it is. We're sure you've seen and heard about it already, if you haven't, we've included a few snippets of the buzz surrounding it below.

"Brits paying £530m more than they should in inheritance tax" -             

"£530m to be 'wasted' in inheritance tax" - Financial Planner

"Half a billion pounds in inheritance tax gifted to taxman because
life insurance policyholders fail to use trusts" - Mail Online

You can view our full press release here. 

Our checklist can be used to initiate conversations with clients, or for
them as a reference point when meeting with one of you. It can be 
viewed online, downloaded as a PDF or printed. Take a look and 
save a copy for your future conversations. 


The guidance guarantee. 

"This is going to be free and impartial guidance for millions of people who for the first time are going to have access to the money they've saved through their life. We're going to work with make sure people get the best possible guidance and that this is genuinely impartial."

That was Chancellor George Osborne sharing his thoughts with the BBC earlier this week after the government released further papers on the pension reforms announced in April. What are your opinions on the guidance guarantee, the affects it will have to your business and the way it will impact your clients' decisions? You can tell us by taking part in our LinkedIn discussion. Karen Barrett, our CEO, shares our thoughts here on what, we believe, is critical when considering the value of both guidance and advice.

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