It could be you they're talking about

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12 Jun 2015

It could be you they're talking about

One of our most popular pages is 'Real-life examples of advice' - users love to click through and read actual stories of how advisers have helped people. But we need you to help us keep it fresh. If you have a favourite advice case study for us, we'll showcase it on our Get Advised wall.

Not taking 'No' for an answer?

Sometimes a client may approach you for advice, but then refuse to accept your recommendations. Pension freedom has brought a rise in the number of clients who try to insist on a course of action that may not be in their best interests. This week the FCA has revealed their three-step guidelines for dealing with such situations, to protect advisers from those known as 'insistent clients'. You can read the guidelines here.

Avoid a Greek tragedy at home

There's much talk of the pension troubles facing Greece at the moment, with vast numbers of older people facing poverty after a lifetime of saving. Pension savers in the UK are thankfully a lot better off: but it's a stark warning to anyone not to take retirement income for granted. Help your clients plan for their retirement well in advance with our Retirement Countdown Checklist.

It'll prompt them to think about the right questions and should make your job easier too.

Money behaving badly

As we all know, financial advice isn't an exact science - it's as much about the person as it is about their money. Different people have different ideas about risk and success, and those perceptions colour how they take your advice. We thought the article, Money behaving badly, summed it up really well: it's by Graham Clark of NW Brown Group.

Climbing new heights

In a recent adviser profile featured in Citywire, financial planner and hill-walker Flora Maudsley discusses her career and how has helped to grow her business.

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